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The High Quality Hen To Produce The Pure Of Ayam Cemani Eggs For Hatching

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Have you ever seen a black chicken?

The Ayam cemani known in Asia for the mystical power of their black meat .this chicken has their own characteristic that very different from the regular chicken. It is believed that Cemani’s darkness makes it the ideal bridge between the human world and the supernatural world. Ayam cemain is ofthen used as the complementary ritual ceremony in the region of java. They believe that the black meat has magical power to resist the reinforcement of evil spirit. The chicken darkness is a genetic condition known as fibromelanosis caused by mutations that affect how pigment-producing cells work. thus making the appearance of cemani chicken very black, this Indonesian chicken is known for its black fur, black leather, black comb, black meat, black organ, and black bone!

chicken 6 Jual Ayam Hias BERKUALITAS DAN TERPERCAYA SEJAK 1999 The High Quality Hen To Produce The Pure Of Ayam Cemani Eggs For Hatching

The cemani is high commodity and it is already rare because of the high demand. It is impact the price of the ayam cemani. then How much is a Ayam Cemani chicken? . The ayam cemani chicken price $2,500 Chicken so that why this chicken also called The Lamborghini Of Poultry.  Perhaps you wondered, Do Ayam Cemani chickens lay black eggs? Because overall of the cemani chicken are black. May you think that Do any chickens lay black eggs? . The fact is ayam cemani egg color are not black in contrast with the whole body color. the ayam cemani egg has the same color as the most chicken eggs it is white bones. also the inside of ayam cemani egg yolk are the same as the regular chicken it is still yellow.cemanc

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Then Why is the Ayam Cemani chicken black?

The black color of Cemani’s chicken is the result of a genetic condition called fibromelanosis. This condition causes cell mutations known to function in the chicken’s body cells. according to the scientist, the mutated gene on the cemani chicken is an “endothelian-3” gene (EDN-3)this gene that makes the epidermal cell layer throughout the body of this chicken produce a black color (pigment).As you know chicken Cemani who have grown up and The number of EDN-3 gene increased more than 10-fold compared with ordinary chickens.Usually ayam cemani meat for sale because it has benefit as a stamina restorative medicine, ayam cemani taste delicious with the thick skin , the texture of the meat is soft, fatty, hardly muscled. Would you try it ?

the ayam cemani eggs Jual Ayam Hias BERKUALITAS DAN TERPERCAYA SEJAK 1999 The High Quality Hen To Produce The Pure Of Ayam Cemani Eggs For Hatching

Are you wondering on how to obtain a ayam cemani chicken?

the Quality of the Cemani Chicken eggs are very influential on the success for the hatch. So we are provide ayam cemani eggs for sale and provide the high quality of cemani chicken hen. Then Our eggs are certainly fresh so that they can last for about 10 days so that the high potential for successful hatched. we have our own Cemani Chicken breeders so we have adequate stock.

We are located on Jl. Palagan Tentara Pelajar KM 14, Maron, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia and further information you can contact us any time you need.


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