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7 Information to Get to Know Congo Peafowl and Maintain Its Existence

7 Information to Get to Know Congo Peafowl and Maintain Its Existence

Congo Peafowl Information – The Animal Description, Habitat, Pictures Congo peafowl facts – Do you know that Congo peafowl was discovered by an American Ornithologist named Dr. James Paul Chapin? From three types of peafowl, Congo is the most different one. They look very different from their Asiatic cousins, Indian peafowl and Green peafowl. They…
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Know one of the unique types of guinea fowl, crested guinea fowl.

5 Information to Know More About Crested Guineafowl

Crested Guinea Fowl Information – The Bird Description, Habitat, Range, Behavior, And Breeding Crested guineafowl – Distinguished from other guinea fowl types by their thick and curled crests, the crested guinea fowl is native to damp forests of tropical Africa. They are growing in popularity in avicultural circles since they do well in mixed aviaries,…
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The top 5 Most Popular Types Of Pheasants In The World

The Top 5 Most Popular Types Of Pheasants In The World

Types Of Pheasants : Knowing The Most Popular Types Of Pheasants In The World That Can Be Wonderful Addition To Any Aviary Types of pheasants – There are many different types of pheasants in the world, approximately 49 species, and even more subspecies of them. This bird is one of te oldest game birds recorded…
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Guinea fowl meat nutrition facts and benefit

Guinea Fowl Meat Nutritional Facts, Healthy Meat For Your Diet

Guinea Fowl Meat Nutritional Facts – Find The Information Whether Guinea Fowl Meat Is Healthy To Consume Or Not Guinea fowl meat – Beside being kept as the house pet, you can also utilize the guinea fowl meat and egg for consumption purpose. The meat of young guineas is tender, lean, and rich in essential…
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Now you don't need to be confused anymore to differentiate male and female guinea fowl, use the method below.

3 Methods To Differentiate Male And Female Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl Male And Female : How To Differentiate Between Guinea Fowl Male And Female? Guinea fowl male and female – When you are raising guinea fowl, it is important for you to tell the differences between guinea fowl male and female. In the term of guinea fowl, it is quite difficult to tell whether…
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Before you maintain a pheasant, let's look at 3 things to consider.

Know The Pheasant Sounds And 3 Considerations Before Keep Pheasant!

Pheasant Sounds : Are They Noisy? Consider This Well Before You Keep Pheasant In Your Backyard Pheasant sounds – Before you decide to keep pheasant as your pet, you will possibly need to consider several things. One of them is to observe and make sure whether their behavior suits with your environment or not. In…
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There are 2 ways to incubate a peacock egg, which is naturally and using a incubator.

Peacock Egg Hatching Method, Better Naturally or Using Machine?

Peacock Egg Information : Do You Want To Hatch The Peacock Eggs Naturally Or Artificially Using Incubator Machine? Peacock eggs – You are about to discover best peacock information, including the information about  peacock eggs. Peacock is one of the most beautiful and colorful bird in the world.  But there is some misconception that should…
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What do peacocks eat? Peacock feed is basically distinguished from its habitat, the wild or on farms.

What Do Peacocks Eat? Knowing These 5 Types of Peacock Food

What Do Peacocks Eat? : The Food Differences Between Peacocks Living In Native Habitat And Peacocks In Captivity What do peacocks eat? – peacock bird are omnivorous birds that feed on a variety of foods. They are not very selective as they will make a meal out of many types of food start from the…
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The female peacock has some unique facts that you might not know about.

3 Female Peacock Facts, What Makes Them Different From The Male?

Female Peacock : The Facts About Female Peacock And What Makes Them Different From Male Peacock That You Probably Need To Know! Female peacock – Peacocks bird is one of the most beautiful fowl in the world known for the long tails with ornate iridescent feathers. Although the term ‘peacock’ is usually used to refer…
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Guinea Fowl Sound, as a good watchdog alarm

Incredible Guinea Fowl Sounds, a Reliable Alarm on Your Farm.

Guinea Fowl Sounds As The Alarm Call That Make Excellent ‘Watchdogs” Guinea fowl sounds – Raising guinea fowl is a thing that little bit challenging but it is a fun activity. Guinea fowl is well known among ornamental chicken and bird lovers. But, their existence not only in their native, Africa but throughout the world.…
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