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Golden pheasant flying

Pheasant For Sale : How Much Pheasant For Sale In Indonesia?

Pheasant for sale – Pheasant is quite popular because of its physical resemblance to the birds. Although pheasant for sale is relatively higher, it doesn’t influence the ornamental chicken lovers’ enthusiasm for raising them. What makes them glimpsed is their beatiful color and charming fur.  And keep in mind that there are various species of…
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Female golden pheasant

Female Pheasant Information : Their Appearance, Sounds, And Ability

Female pheasant – Pheasant is large and long-tailed game birds that native to Asia.  They are also reared for poultry and can make good pets as long as you provide wide outdoors space and place to shelter them. There are some significant differences between male and female pheasant. But in this article, we will just…
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Golden Pheasant Fact And Information : Description, Characteristics, Habitat, Behavior, Diet, And Other Information

Golden pheasant – Known as one of the most beautiful birds in the world, this bird has successfully captivated many people with their pure beauty. In this article, you are about to discover golden pheasant facts along with some information that you may need to know about this bird. Let’s find out there! What Is…
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Royal Purple Guinea Fowl : Royal Purple Guinea Fowl Description, Sounds, Coop Preparation, And Other Information

Royal Purple Guinea Fowl – This species is a cool coloration of the super popular guinea fowl. They are beautiful, charming and active.  They have some dotting or ‘pearling’ but not as prevalent as some other varieties. Nevertheless, their dark color with a purple sheen is one special characteristic of this bird that makes people…
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Pied Guinea Fowl : The Pied Guinea Fowl Description, Diet, Coop, and Breeding Information

Pied guinea fowl – If you are looking for a unique species of guinea fowl, the pied guinea fowl can be an option. The pied color occurs due to various mixed colors. So, it means that they are not pure breeds. Nevertheless, the pied color becomes one special magnetism that people are looking for, may…
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Ayam Mutiara Putih/Albino

White Guinea Fowl : A Solid Pure White Color Creature That You Can Keep At Your Homestead As Both House Pets And Exterminators

White guinea fowl – one of the most stunning color variety of guinea fowl is white. The white guinea fowl comes with spectacular solid pure white color in both genders. Thus, it makes the feathers have no pearling or white spots like the other types of guineas such as pearl guinea fowl, lavender guinea fowl,…
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Male and Female guinea

Guinea Fowl Male And Female : How To Differentiate Between Guinea Fowl Male And Female?

Guinea fowl male and female – When you are raising guinea fowl, it is important for you to tell the differences between guinea fowl male and female. In the term of guinea fowl, it is quite difficult to tell whether or not it is a male or female. If you don’t know their sexes, how…
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Vulturine Guinea Fowl (

Types Of Guinea Fowl : Know The General Classification Of Guinea Fowl Types

Types of guinea fowl – There are basically 5 types of guinea fowl from lower classifications with different characteristics. If we consider the types based on the guinea fowl colors, there must be plenty of varieties can be found. But now, we are only going to share the types of guinea fowl in general. There…
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Lavender guinea fowl

Lavender Guinea Fowl : A Bird That Is Not Only Beautiful To Look At, But Also Can Be Kept As Pest Controller

Lavender guinea fowl – The slightly lighter shade of blue makes lavender guinea fowl looks like the pearl guinea, but they are little bit less gray than the pearl guinea. This is one of the popular guinea breeding throughout North America, while actually the domesticated guinea originated from Africa. See more about lavender guinea fowl…
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Coral blue guinea fowl

Guinea Fowl Colors : Find 7 Types Of Guinea Fowl Species With Various Beautiful Colors

Guinea fowl colors – If we see in the terms of the guinea fowl colors, there are many types of guinea fowl in the world. In this article we will only discuss 7 type of guinea fowl with different colors and characteristics. Let’s check them out! View this post on Instagram A post shared by…
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