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The Bewitching Cemani Chickens With A Completely Black Color From The Outside And Inside Even The Bones And Flesh Totally Black


The Bewitching Cemani Chickens With A Completely Black Color From The Outside And Inside Even The Bones And Flesh Totally Black

The Ayam Cemani or cemani chicken is unique and incredible chicken. it is originally from Indonesia precisely at the Java Island. it is very special chicken because it has a striking difference from other chickens. it has the uniqueness in terms of black color from inside and outside the body. even the color of the eyes, beak,the organs and tongue are Completely Black, as well as the chicken feathers are also black. In the past cemani chicken or Ayam cemani chicken for sale to used for centuries for religious and mystical purpose.because In Java, ancient mysticism overlaps with Islam, the island’s dominant belief. the bewitching cemani chicken because Its mystical qualities have been revered, as the blackness of the Cemani is believed to represent the bridge between the human and the supernatural world in traditional Javanese culture. Currently Chicken Cemani is highly hunted by chicken collectors in the world because of its distinctive black color throughout its body. this chicken Is already rare and hard to find in the U.S because of the U.S. Department of Agriculture bans direct imports from Indonesia as the breed development. so makes this chicken very expensive in the U.S.

Did you know Why is the Ayam Cemani chicken black?

In Indonesia ayam cemani chicken also called chicken Lamborghini because of its exotic color and the fantastic price of this unique chicken. Some of people in called ayam cemani chicken as goth chicken because It is covered by a shimmering metallic black feathers, even internal organs and the ayam cemani meat are black. For your information, The black color of Cemani’s chicken is the result of a genetic condition called fibromelanosis. This condition causes cell mutations known to function in the chicken’s body cells. according to a scientist, he found that the mutated gene in this cemani chicken is an “endothelian-3” gene (EDN-3) is a gene that makes the epidermal cell layer throughout the body of this chicken produce a black color (pigment). Known, chicken Cemani who have grown up and The number of EDN-3 gene increased more than 10-fold compared with ordinary chickens.

Ayam Cemani or cemani chicken is an uncommon and relatively modern breed of chicken from Indonesia.

Do you think that Ayam Cemani chickens lay black eggs?

many people who consider ayam cemani chicken eggs also black because the whole body cemani has black color. but the assumption is not true because the ayam cemani eggs has same as chicken. the inside of ayam cemani egg yolk looks almost the same as the chicken eggs in general. The black color will appear after the chicken embryo appears this also be a sign that the chicken egg is fertile and can hatch in general is white. It happen because the process of mutation fibromelanosis. that occurs in chicken cells is not contagious to the eggshell because it’s consists of krystal calcium carbonate which is basically has the same type as the eggshell in general.

How much is a Ayam Cemani chicken?

ayam cemani chicken is a rare species and it has very expensive price. Even because it is expensive, it is a pity to eat ayam cemani meat. we are sell the original ayam cemani eggs for hatching from the high quality  cemani chicken hen. if you are interested became a chicken cemani breeders. we are provide ayam cemani for sale as business opportunity. Because ayam cemani taste more delicious than the usual chickens and it has many benefit for health. We are proven seller we have send the original ayam cemani eggs to all over Indonesia and abroad. We are provide the reasonable prices and we will give you best service. For further information you can contact us any time you need.





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