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Where Do Pheasants Live? : Know More Information About Pheasant Habitat Preferences

Where do pheasant live – The beauty of pheasant bird has attracted people’s attention. As a result, many people, especially ornamental bird lovers, are looking for information about this bird, including where do pheasant live. As we know that pheasant is a large long-tailed game bird which natives to Asia. There are about 50 species…
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Ring Necked Pheasant For Sale : Read This Information Before You Buy Ring Necked Pheasant For Sale

Ring necked pheasant for sale – Ring necked pheasant is one of the most popular birds that people are looking for. Starting from the pheasant eggs, chicks, until the mature pheasant for sale, people are always looking for the highest quality. The information we are serving there would be help you to know the good…
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Pheasant Food : Knowing What To Feed A Pheasant To Raising A Healthy, Strong, And High Quality Bird

Pheasant food – What you are giving to your pheasant will effect on their health. Making sure that you are providing your birds with the correct protein percentage to raise the highest quality pheasants.  Even though they can forage by themselves, it is important to keep giving them the correct protein content. Besides, the abundant…
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Types Of Pheasants : Knowing The Most Popular Types Of Pheasants In The World That Can Be Wonderful Addition To Any Aviary

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Hobi Ternak🔵 (@hobi_ternak) on Apr 23, 2019 at 9:25pm PDT Types of pheasants – There are many different types of pheasants in the world, approximately 49 species, and even more subspecies of them. This bird is one of te oldest game birds recorded in the history.…
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Pheasant Meat : It’s Time To Eat Delicious Meat With Low Calories But Rich In Protein, B Vitamins, Iron, And Potassium

Pheasant meat – Do you know that this exotic bird can be cooked into delicious dishes? Pheasant meat is considered ‘earthy’ in its flavor. It pairs well with mushrooms and garlic. And also nice with sweet or fruity flaovrs as a glaze. Not only that, you can also cook the meat into varied menu. One…
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Black Pheasant : One Types Of The Pheasant Birds That People Still Wonder Whether This Birds Really Exist Or Not

Black Pheasant – Most pheasant lovers do wonder whether black pheasant really exist or not. This exotic bird actually refers to Melanistic mutant pheasant, though it still needs more observation to clearly identify this species. Pheasant Bird View this post on Instagram A post shared by Hobi Ternak🔵 (@hobi_ternak) on Mar 30, 2019 at 2:01am…
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Pheasant Sounds : Are They Noisy? Consider This Well Before You Keep Pheasant In Your Backyard

Pheasant sounds – Before you decide to keep pheasant as your pet, you will possibly need to consider several things. One of them is to observe and make sure whether their behavior suits with your environment or not. In this article, you are about to find information about pheasant sounds as one consideration to keep…
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Silver Pheasant Lovers? Find The Description, Origin, Behavior, Facts, And Other Information About This Species In This Site!

Silver pheasant – This is bird which is closely related to wild chickes, quails and partridges. They were first mentioned thousands ago in Chinese poetry and chronicles.  And there are 35 species of pheasant that originate from Asia. Then, the birds are widely distributed in Asia, Europe and North America today. View this post on…
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Coral blue guinea fowl

Guinea Fowl Colors : Find 7 Types Of Guinea Fowl Species With Various Beautiful Colors

Guinea fowl colors – If we see in the terms of the guinea fowl colors, there are many types of guinea fowl in the world. In this article we will only discuss 7 type of guinea fowl with different colors and characteristics. Let’s check them out! View this post on Instagram A post shared by…
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The Bewitching Cemani Chickens With A Completely Black Color From The Outside And Inside Even The Bones And Flesh Totally Black

The Ayam Cemani or cemani chicken is unique and incredible chicken. it is originally from Indonesia precisely at the Java Island. it is very special chicken because it has a striking difference from other chickens. it has the uniqueness in terms of black color from inside and outside the body. even the color of the…
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