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Category: Ayam Cemani Chicken


Ayam Cemani Jantan Dewasa

Find And Feel The Incredible Advantages Of Ayam Cemani Egg Yolk For Your Health

Who claims to be an ayam Cemani lovers? Are you the one? If your answer is yes, it means that you already know about this chicken. Ayam Cemani is from Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia which has interesting characteristics because it has dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation, causing it entirely black. Yes, that’s true. Its feather,…
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The Bewitching Cemani Chickens With A Completely Black Color From The Outside And Inside Even The Bones And Flesh Totally Black

The Ayam Cemani or cemani chicken is unique and incredible chicken. it is originally from Indonesia precisely at the Java Island. it is very special chicken because it has a striking difference from other chickens. it has the uniqueness in terms of black color from inside and outside the body. even the color of the…
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Ayam Cemani Jantan Dewasa

The High Quality Hen To Produce The Pure Of Ayam Cemani Eggs For Hatching

Have you ever seen a black chicken? The Ayam cemani known in Asia for the mystical power of their black meat .this chicken has their own characteristic that very different from the regular chicken. It is believed that Cemani’s darkness makes it the ideal bridge between the human world and the supernatural world. Ayam cemain…
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The Pure Breed Poultry Of Ayam Cemani Eggs For Sale

Ayam cemani chicken has a unique color different from other chickens in general. This chicken has a black hue on its body, perhaps you are wondering Why is the Ayam Cemani chicken black? The black color on ayam cemani chicken happened because They have a dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation (Fibromelanosis), making the chicken entirely…
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