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Category: Peacock


There are 2 ways to incubate a peacock egg, which is naturally and using a incubator.

Peacock Egg Hatching Method, Better Naturally or Using Machine?

Peacock Egg Information : Do You Want To Hatch The Peacock Eggs Naturally Or Artificially Using Incubator Machine? Peacock eggs – You are about to discover best peacock information, including the information about  peacock eggs. Peacock is one of the most beautiful and colorful bird in the world.  But there is some misconception that should…
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What do peacocks eat? Peacock feed is basically distinguished from its habitat, the wild or on farms.

What Do Peacocks Eat? Knowing These 5 Types of Peacock Food

What Do Peacocks Eat? : The Food Differences Between Peacocks Living In Native Habitat And Peacocks In Captivity What do peacocks eat? – peacock bird are omnivorous birds that feed on a variety of foods. They are not very selective as they will make a meal out of many types of food start from the…
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The female peacock has some unique facts that you might not know about.

3 Female Peacock Facts, What Makes Them Different From The Male?

Female Peacock : The Facts About Female Peacock And What Makes Them Different From Male Peacock That You Probably Need To Know! Female peacock – Peacocks bird is one of the most beautiful fowl in the world known for the long tails with ornate iridescent feathers. Although the term ‘peacock’ is usually used to refer…
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Green peacock

Peacock For Sale Is Waiting For You! : Find Most Beautiful Bird In The World That You Can Keep At Home As House Pet

Peacock for sale – Are you looking peacock for sale? I’m so sure that nobody can deny the beauty of this bird.   Nowadays, peacock is a kind of fowl that is hunted mostly by its fans. The most incredible attraction lies in the tail feathers which can be spread and look super beautiful. No wonder…
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To attract the attention of the female, male peacocks will dance when the mating season arrives and show off their beautiful feathers.


Green peafowl – also known as Dragonbirds, green peafowl is a species of peafowl native to Southeast Asia. Commonly, people call this bird Javanese Peafowl. But the term is suitably used to refer the nominate subspecies endemic to the Java Island, Indonesia.  Green peafowl is one of three species of peafowl. And it is the…
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Peacock Flying : Find The Facts Of The Peacock Flying, The Most Gorgeous Bird In The World!

Peacock flying –  When you see a peacock flying, you will be so surprised that won’t be able to wink! Peacock has a fascinating secret, especially their flying ability. Just imagine seeing the extravagant tail feathers of peacock while flying in the sky. What are you thinking at that time? Well, from all the birds…
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Peacock Information Is Here, Ornamental Bird Lovers Perhaps Need This!

Peacock information – It has no doubt that when you see a peacock displaying their train (tail feathers), you will not be able to ignore it. Peacock is the male bird of peafowl, and the female bird is peahen. Together they are called peafowl. The shiny color of peacock feathers has attracted the attention of…
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Peacock Facts : 20 Facts To Know About Peacock

Peacock facts – Who doesn’t know peacock bird? A very great bird which has beautiful long and shiny tail feathers, especially when opened. Child, young, old, and alike – everyone will love to see a peacock showing off their most admirable asset. Peacock belongs to the pheasant family of birds, mostly found in Asia and…
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Flying peacock

Peacock Bird Fever! An Elegant Species Of Bird That Is Most Widely Recognized For Its Super Beautiful Tail Feathers

Peacock bird –  The iridescent of shiny blue, green, brown, gold are best to describe peacock bird overall though actually their colors are much vary. Peacock is a really elegant bird most recognized by humans for its beautiful radiant feathers. Its beauty has many different meanings and symbols across many different religions around the world.…
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Indian Peafowl Picture


Indian peafowl – known best for the exquisite tail feathers makes Indian peafowl is so popular. Indian peafowl or also called blue peafowl, which has a scientific name Pavo Cristatus is one of the three species of peafowl. They are so beautiful as they have shiny dark blue feathers. This article is about to give…
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