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Female Peacock : The Facts About Female Peacock And What Makes Them Different From Male Peacock That You Probably Need To Know!


Female Peacock : The Facts About Female Peacock And What Makes Them Different From Male Peacock That You Probably Need To Know!

Merak Biru

Female peacock – Peacocks bird is one of the most beautiful fowl in the world known for the long tails with ornate iridescent feathers. Although the term ‘peacock’ is usually used to refer both males and females, but the correct name of the species is the ‘peafowl’. The male ones are called ‘peacocks’ and the female peacock is called ‘peahens’. There are some significant visual differences between female peacock and male peacock that you should know. Even if you don’t know much about peafowl, but you can easily see the difference between the male and female peacocks.

About Peafowl

Peafowl, especially peacocks are very popular with the beautiful trains and feathers they have. There are three species of peafowl that belong to the genus Pavo and Afropavo of the Phsianina family.

1.Indian peafowl (Pavo Cristatus)

Indian Peafowl
Indian Peafowl

Source : http://www.dissolve.com

2.Green peafowl (Pavo Muticus)

Green peafowl
Green peafowl

Source : http://www.browfarm.co.uk

3.Congo peafowl (Afropavo Congensis)

Congo Peafowl

Congo Peafowl

Source : http://www.beautyofbirds.com

The actual name of peacock, as we mentione above, is peafowl. The term peacock refers to the male bird and the female bird is called peahen. When we pay attention to the physical features between male and female peacock, there are some visual differences. Even the male and the female look very different. Here you can see the male and female peacock images to know the differences.

The Difference Between Male And Female Peacock

1.The Coloration

Male and female peacocks have different colors
Male and female peacocks have different colors

The male peacock is usually an iridescent shade of bright blue which can be used to attract mates. On the other hand, the female one has much more subdued feathers which tend to be either brown, gray or cream.

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2.Size Matters

The different size of male and female peacocks
The different size of male and female peacocks

The size between male and female peacocks are entirely different. The males are taller and longer. The adult males have a body weight that ranges about 9 – 13 pounds, while the females about 6 – 9 pounds. The adult male can be as long as 7.5 feet from the head to the end of the tail, while the female is around 2.5 – 3.5 feet.

3.Tail feathers

The different tail feathers of male and female peacocks
The different tail feathers of male and female peacocks

One of the most significant difference thing about male and female peacock is their tail feathers or trains. The females have no train at all. They have short tails with dull brownish-gray feathers. On the other hand, the males have long and colorful tails with iridescent feathers and can measure 4 – 5 feet long.

Can Female Peacock Spread Their Feathers?

After knowing the difference between male and female peacock pictures, what do you think is the most striking one? It is on the peacock’s trains, isn’t it? The male peacocks has really beautiful tail feathers. Then, each of the long tail feathers has an ornamental ocellus, also known as an eye-spot. On the other hand, the females don’t have it. As a result, the females are not able to spread their feathers because they have no trains at all.

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So, Can Female Peacock Dance?

Only the male peacock whose body is covered with beautiful and attractive feathers. Then, they will like to dance in front of the female with their trains spreading. The male species always work harder to be attractive to potential mates. While, the female can attract the mates with much less effort.

The male peacocks can hold its tail erect, like a fan, and such display is mainly seen during courtship.  They will practice dancing to attract the female peacock by showing the most attractive tail feathers, the energetic movement, and the loud sound.

Similar with the male peacocks that will display their tails during the courtship, female can also display their short feathers but not dance. They usually display the feathers as a signal of danger for its chicks, or when fighting with other females over a potential mate.

How Do Female Peacock Choose A Mate?

Well, every peacock has extraordinary look all his own no matter what kind of species they are. The distinct color patterns and ‘eyespots’ scattered across the feathers are the most important assets to attract the females.

When a male courts a female, he will spread out his tail feathers to display the colors and eyespots. The tail spreads behind the peacock in a full semicircle, though some peacocks have tails which are bigger than others. The fact is, the size and the patterns of the tail help the female peacocks to choose whether she will mate with him or not.

Generally, the more eyespots and the bigger the tails, the better chances for the peacocks to get one or many mates. But unfortunately, like much of nature, there is no sure thing in peacock mating activity, and even boasting too much of a tail can scare off potential mates.

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