Guinea Fowl And Snakes : Discover What Guinea Fowl Do When They Find A Snake And Find Other Benefits Of Keeping Them In Your Homestead

Guinea fowl and snakes – If you are looking for a perfect addition to your homestead, especially as snake repellent, guinea fowl is a right choice. Due to the incredibly sharp sense, The guinea fowl will quickly signal when something unusual happen around using their sounds.  Have you ever heard
guinea fowl sounds?

About The Bird

Keeping guinea fowl in your homestead will make your garden secure due to their ‘watchdog’ ability

Guinea fowl is a large African game bird that has slate color and white spots plumage. They also have popular loud call which has utility for both theirselves and their owner.

Even though they are so noisy, but the sounds that they produce can help the gardeners or farmer a lot. The guinea fowl noise work as the alarm call that make them ecxellent ‘watchdogs’.

Actually, there are three types of guinea fowl. Firstly, the helmeted guinea fowl which has bald heads and necks. They have gray-black spangled body plumage with white color. Secondly, vulturine guinea fowl. This is the largest guinea species that has bald heads, and longer feathers down their lower necks. The last is crested guinea fowl which is the most aggressive of all the types. They have bald head and necks except for the curly feathers on the top of their head.

Guinea Fowl’s Great Ability

Many poultry gurus has acknowledged the power of guinea fowl to help rid all matter of bugs, pests, insects, and even snakes from their garden and farm. With the help of this bird, you can freely enjoy the pleasures of having a picnic in your backyard without any disturbance from uninvited animals. You can also watching your kids playing or simply laying out in the green grass watching the clouds, all without the slightly concern about insects or pests such as bull ants, ticks, or other nasty creepy crawlies.

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Being the best and cheapest security guards, many people are interested to keep this birds in their backyard. What are you thinking about guinea fowl and snakes? It seems hard to believe but according to some domestic guinea fowl owners, this bird has been known to scare off cats, ferrets, hawks, weasels, even snakes. Thus, guinea fowl is an ideal bird to have integrated into your chicken flock as guardians.

Guinea fowl is an excellent guardians for your garden and farm. They can even deter snakes who enter your garden by sounds.

Moreover, producing loud sound is not the only great ability of guinea. Guinea fowl food is not same as chickens. They like a good dust bath, but they will not dig up your garden to create one. Commonly, they tend to be heads down, bums up, looking for anything that moves such as snails, slugs, caterpillars, ants, grasshoppers, fleas, crickets, mice, small rats, and even ticks. Let’s say guinea fowl is the best-eradication experts!

Guinea Fowl and Snake : Do Guiena Fowls Kill Snakes?

The guinea fowl has very great ability as a safeguard for your plants in the garden or farm. Some poultry gurus recommend gardeners, farmer, or breeder to keep guinea fowl in their area.

About guinea fowl and snake, this has been a topic which cause some dissents. One one hand, many guinea fowl owners have reported and documented that their guinea flocks circling, attacking, even killing small snakes which enter their territory. With this reason, many people called this bird as guinea fowl snake killers. Unfortunately, it is actually a rare occurrences.

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According to some poultry gurus, they wisely suggest that even though guinea fowl can attack snakes, the main advantage is the fact that they tend to deter snakes from coming close to their territory by producing loud sounds like crying, calling, and singing. So, rather than killing the snakes, guinea fowl prefer to simply scare them away first. This is because the main relationship between guinea fowl and snakes is one of intimidation. See the video below to know what happens between guinea fowl and snake:

The video shows you what guinea fowl do when they find a snake. The bird will cirle around a snake to threated in and make chirping sounds.

Other Benefits of Guinea Fowl

The topic of guinea fowl and snakes probably still leaves questions for some people. Apart from this topic, guinea fowl meat tastes so delicious. The tasty dark meat is lean, low in cholesterol but rich in essential fatty acids. You can use almost any chicken recipe with this bird. The older the bird is, the more you risk the lean meat drying out during cookin. So, you need to pay attention about this.

Not only their meat, the guinea fowl eggs are also delicious. The eggs are smaller than the chicken eggs but the shell is very thick. When you are cooking the guinea eggs, you possibly need at least three egg in in place of two chicken eggs.

So, Why Should You Keep Guinea Fowl In Your Homestead?

There are some reasons, the strongest reason why you need to consider adding guinea fowl to your homestead: –      Guinea fowl is an excellent free range birds.-      They can provide great bug control.-      They are also talented at deterring small snakes and small rodents.-      Their loud sound works ans warning when they spot an intruder or predator.-      Unlike chickes, guineas will not scratch up your garden seed.-      They are excellent meat birds.-      They are also lay eggs that you can eat.

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Then, Are You Going To Keep Guinea Fowl?

Guinea Fowl
Guinea Fowl

If you are thinking to keep this bird, remember that they are very noisy! So, make sure that your neighbors don’t mind with this first. They will make a very load high pitched harsh call when they are intruded.

Nevertheless, they are some of the best watch animal ever. And you will possibly don’t need a dog during the day time as long as you raise this bird. Thus, about guinea fowl and snakes you have nothing to worry about it. You already discover about their ability to deter snakes, right?

Then, always remember that similarly with chicken, though you can let them free range, you should also provide guinea fowl coop for the shelter, especially during the winter months.

Hopefully you enjoy our article. For more information you can leave a reply below

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