Guinea Fowl Baby : How To Raise Guinea Fowl Baby (Keets)

Guinea fowl baby – Guinea fowl breeding has become popular in the society.  Most people choose to keep the mature guinea fowl consisting of males and females so they can mate and produce eggs. But some of them choose to have the eggs first to be hatched using incubator. In other words, you can hatch the guinea fowl baby by yourself with the help of incubator.

What are baby guinea fowl called?

Quirky, cute, beautiful, but little weird and noisy are suitable to describe this bird. Guinea fowl  is kind of fowl originated from Africa. They still exist in the wild,  but for hundreds of years they have been kept domestically in many countries around the world.

Guinea fowl baby, also known as keets, are really cute, rambunctious, excitable, and innocent. For some people, taking care for guinea fowl baby is one of the most precious experiences that they can have with an animal.

As long as you have a sense of humour, patience, and well-informed, raising guinea fowl from keets will be a piece of cake (according to some poultry gurus).

How to raise baby guinea fowl?

There is no denying that taking care of guinea fowl are relatively easy. They are independent birds. that like to be free roam. So, you need to provide more space in your yard. Besides, you should also make a deal first with your neighbors so that you will not get complains from them – as we know that guinea fowl sounds so noisy.

Remember that the treatments for raising adult guinea fowl and guinea fowl baby are different.  The guinea fowl keets are cute, chirpy, innocent, curious, and clumsy. You will need to keep an eye on them. However, they are so much fun to watch.  So, in this article you are about to learn how to raise guinea fowl baby. Please, really pay attention to every single thing you are learning here so that you can understand the way to raise them correctly.

However,  please note that all the information we share here is not the only way. You can also search for more information to find the best and most suitable with your needs.

How to keep the guinea fowl baby safe?

Guinea Fowl
Guinea Fowl

The guinea fowl baby or ‘keets’ should be kept warm until they are fully feathered. It’s good if you have broody hen. The hen will keep them warm and there are plenty of advantages of hatching guinea fowl eggs under a broody hen. Then, what if you don’t have the broody hen?

First of all, you need to provide a safe home for the keets. They day old keets should be kept under a heat lamp at 35° C. Then, you can lower the temperature gradually each week until it reaches normal temperature. After 6 to 7 weeks, the keets must be fully feathered and you can turn off the heat lamp at this time.

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When can guinea keets go outside?

Guinea Fowl Babies
Guinea fowl babies

The guinea fowl baby grow especially quickly over the first two weeks and it might be tempting to let them out of the brooder sooner than recommended. Generally, the guinea fowl baby should remain inside the brooder for the six up to seven weeks of their lives. So, you can let them go outside at about 8 weeks old. At this age, their feathers have grown well. They should be off the heat light and ready to live in the guinea fowl coop. When you let them free, remember to monitor the keets as they begin to explore the world. They should remain safe from any kind of dangers.

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What do baby guinea fowl eat?

The adult guinea fowls are one of the most self-reliant poultry birds. They can finding kind of food easily by grazing in your garden all day, eating the entire armies of bugs, pests, and insects. Even, you might have heard about guinea fowl and snakes. This is why you cannot underestimate the ability of Guinea fowl to keep your garden and farm safe.

How about baby guinea fowl? What they eat? Well, unlike the adult guinea fowl, the guinea fowl keets will not be safe if you let them graze in the wild. It is important for you to always provide the keets enough fresh feeds. You can give them store bought crumbles food for their first few months of age. For your information, pellets are not good for the keets.  Crumbles is better.  

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Then, you can also provide the starter mix for the guinea fowl keets which contain higher protein for the first 5 weeks. And then, you can gradually reduce the protein content for the next 3 weeks.

Guinea fowl keets feeds
Guinea fowl keets feeds

So, how to feed the guinea fowl baby?

Just simply scatter the feed atop of the newspaper, and the keets will peck and feed for hours. So easy, isn’t it?

One more important thing besides guinea fowl baby food is the water availability. Don’t forget to always supply adequate clean water for your guinea fowl keets. Try to avoid giving the cold water since they cannot tolerate it.

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