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Guinea Fowl Colors : Find 7 Types Of Guinea Fowl Species With Various Beautiful Colors


Guinea Fowl Colors : Find 7 Types Of Guinea Fowl Species With Various Beautiful Colors

Coral blue guinea fowl

Guinea fowl colors – If we see in the terms of the guinea fowl colors, there are many types of guinea fowl in the world. In this article we will only discuss 7 type of guinea fowl with different colors and characteristics. Let’s check them out!

Guinea fowl is the birds within the order of Galliformes, that also includes birds such as turkey, pheasant, quail, chickens, along with a few others. They are native to Africa. There are actually 3 types of guinea fowl, the helmeted guinea fowl is the most common one. Crested guineafowl and vulturine guinea are the two others.

The Guinea Fowl Color Genetics

Though guinea fowl are divided into 3 varieties, there are actually more varieties of guinea fowl if we consider from the guinea fowl colors terms. The guinea fowl color genetics has not been researched further by the scientists. Nevertheless, it is said that the different colors come because of the combination of a few different genes. Here are 7 guinea fowl colors :

1.Chocolate Guinea Fowl

The guinea fowl colors of this species are near white with tan irregular stripes on the head and back. They also have light tan feathers which is similar to brown keets, but at two to three months their feathers change into a dark brown color. Then, when fully grown, the chocolate guinea fowl are dark brown color, very unusual. They also have a few dots and bars in the wings area.

2. Pearl Guinea Fowl

Pearl Guinea Fowl is the common type of guinea fowl that people love most

According to guineas.com, there are three levels of pearling available iin guinea fowl colors: fully-pearled, semi-pearled, and non-pearled. However, the pearl gray is the original color of guineas. This is the most common and popular guinea fowl colors. It is dark gray background with white pearling on the entire body. They are the old fashion original guinea fowl colors, a favorite one, and prized by many for their beautiful dotted feathers.

3. Royal Purple Guinea Fowl

This is one of the most beautiful Guinea breeds. A royal purple guinea has a gray background color, and is semi-pearled. They have dark black color with a unique, iridescent purple sheen, with wing feathers lightly spotted white. In other words, the guinea fowl colors of this bird is actually dark black with a lovely purple sheen. They don’t have regular dotting but have something dotting and barring in the flank area. Of course, this is one of the beautiful thing about guinea fowl colors.

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4. Violet Guinea Fowl

It is said that the violet guinea fowl colors is the non-pearled version of the pearl gray. The guinea fowl colors are dusty black with a purple sheen throughout. The violet guineas look very purple on a cloudy day or in the shade, unlike the Royal Purple guineas which shows their purple best under the sunlight. Nevertheless, with the sun at your back, the violet guineas have a very iridescent purple throughout. Those are a solid uniform color with no dots.

5. Blue Guinea Fowl

The guinea fowl colors of blue is vary. According to the guinea.com site, there are some species of blue guinea fowl but the most popular one is the  coral blue species which have soft blue color with air-brushed blue around edges of feather and are semi-spotted. Ten, the sky blue is also quite popular which is similar with soft blue color as coral blue but without any dots or bars as the coral blue have. They are solid blue color with a hint of blue on the blue lacing.

Guinea fowl is usually kept not only as house pet, but also pests and bugs controller. They can protect your garden and farm but without scratching your plants.

6. White Guinea Fowl

The white guinea fowl have pure white without pearling or spots. Even though they are white, they are not albino. They still have few black hairs on the back of the neck. The whites have lighter colored skin and the meat is also lighter color. They are indeed white, but it doesn’t mean that their meat is also white. Similar with other guinea fowl types, the white guinea fowl meat is dark in color. The texture is fine with a gamy taste.

7. Pied Guinea Fowl

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This is one of several types of guinea which has unique guinea fowl colors.  They are white in the chest, wing and sometimes in the back area. Pied can be of various mixed colors. Some in purple, chocolate, pearl, and other colors all with white on them. 

There are still more guinea fowl colors in the world, actually. But what we mention here are just some of the most popular colors.  This is a picture of many kind guinea fowl colors:

So, which one do you prefer?

Choose the guinea that you are really interested in. But remember that you need to consider many things before raising them. You might want to check our article about guinea fowl breeding to get some ideas.

Hopefully you enjoy our article. For more information you can leave a reply below

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