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Guinea Fowl Coop : Is It Compulsory To Provide A Coop To Your Guinea Fowl?

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Guinea fowl coop – The beginner guinea fowl breeders sometimes feel doubt to decide whether their guineas need a coop. There is actually no standard to determine whether your guineas should be kept in the coop or not. But you can check our article below to obtain some information related to guinea fowl coop.

You may let your guinea flock free range, but providing a coop to your guinea flock will give you more advantages such as protect them from predators.

Guinea Fowl As House Pet

Guinea fowl are valued as one of the best exterminators of pest insects. And it makes them a complement to a backyard garden.  It is a large bird that is natively found inhabiting a variety of habitats across the African continent. But nowadays, it has been introduced to various countries around the world so that is easy to find people raising guinea fowl in their homestead.

Not only popular as exterminators of pest insects, the guinea fowl is also popular with their loud warning cries. It serves as a perfect alarm system against predators such as snakes, foxes, even unknown people who enter your property. Indeed, the guinea fowl sounds can be so noisy.

Here are some benefits for keeping guinea fowl in your backyard:

  • They will eat ticks.
  • Guineas are easiers on the yard than chickens.
  • This bird will not scratch as much as chickens.
  • And they also can take care of problems such as snakes and rats. (Read more about guinea fowl and snakes)

Do Guinea Fowl Need A Coop?

Guinea Fowl
Guinea Fowl

Basically, guinea fowl love to roam. They can fly pretty well and jump pretty high. They also like to roost in the branch tree in the night. It means that fencing is not really working much. This is why before you allow your guineas to free range, you need to keep them in their new home for quite a few weeks. Thus, they can recognize and know where their home is.

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So, is it a compulsary to provide coop for your guinea fowl? We don’t say it is compulsary, but we recommend you to prepare the coop for them.  Keeping your guineas in a coop is best to do. They can fly and will often fly up into trees or rooftops to roost.

As a result, it’s also important to you to train them since they are keets (guinea fowl baby) so they can recognize the coop as their home.

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Guinea fowl coop is not a compulsory but it is very recommended. You can just let them free range without home, but don’t be surprised if you can easily lose your guineas.

How To Train Guinea Fowl?

Guinea fowl are not very domesticated birds.  They actually need no a coop since they will like to roost in the trees. However, if you want your guineas come home then you need to provide a coop. If you are planning only to coop your guineas in the night and  then let them free range, so you need to train them!

First of all, you should figure out which guineas are males and females. After that, you need to keep your guineas safe inside the coop for about 2 up to 4 weeks so they will be familiar with their coop. Don’t forget to always provide them plenty of fresh food and water.

Then, you will begin by free ranging the female guineas every day or so. They will hang around the coop because they will not leave the males.

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The last you will free range the males. They will explore the areas around them but will return to the coop. Both males and females will search for food outside the coop. You can leave food and water in the coop, so that they will most likely associate that with home.

Can Guinea Fowl Get Along With Chickens?

Well, it can be YES and No. Keeping guinea fowl with chickens will probably need more attention. The guineas and chickens do frequently co-exist reasonably peacefully. However, you need to be aware that the guineas will rule the roost and may bully your chickens. But don’t let this deter you from keeping chickens and guineas together.

So, what should you do then?

Providing separate coops and runs can be a good solution for this case. You can keep the chicken roosters and the male guineas separate. Besides, the guinea fowl can become tamer when you allow them to interact with chickens. The advantages of keeping guinea fowl with chickens is the guineas will help your chickens. As we know that they have a very keensense when a predator is around. You can just count on guineas if you don’t have other animal safeguard like dogs.

How To Build A Guinea Fowl Coop?

As we know that guinea fowl breeding is low maintenance birds. They don’t have to have a coop, and they forage for their own food. Moreover, they also don’t need nesting boxes. However, a coop is a good idea as we already discussed in the previous section.

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The real fact is, guineas are super low maintenance. They need no large coop to maintain. They are just happy to be free-ranged, fly your property and eat your bugs. Nevertheless, providing a coop to your guineas will give you more advantages actually. It will prevent them to fly around, and prevent them from the predators.

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When it comes to guinea fowl care, the coop need to be elaborate. Housing or coop can be anything from an old outhouse for few guineas or a shed to a corner of the barn or garage. The important point is that the cooop should provide  a place for the guineas to roost in. Make sure that the coop is dry, clean, and safe from the predators.

Also, don’t forget to add ventilation, roosting bars, and adequate space for number of guineas kept, and the type of bedding or nesting used. Furthermore, also pay attention to the food and water availability in order to keep your flock healthy and safe while confined.

Here are some ideas of the ideal guinea fowl coop:

If you have a question just feel free leave the comment in the leave a reply form below.

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