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Guinea Fowl Eggs : What Do You Want To Know About Guinea Fowl Eggs? Just Find Here!

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Guinea fowl eggs – In addition to being used as ornamental fowl, the guinea fowl meat and eggs are also often used by some people as side dishes. Let’s make it more specific. We are about to talk about the guinea fowl eggs. Alright, we’re in!

People in general usually consume chicken eggs as their daily dish. However, consuming guinea fowl eggs is also good for your health. So, have you ever tried it? Don’t worry about the guinea fowl eggs nutrition. Just like the other poultry such as chicken, duck, or quail, both guinea fowl meat and eggs are completely edible. Therefore, no need to worry about adding them to your daily menu.

Keeping Guinea Fowl Is A Good Choice

Guinea Fowl
Guinea Fowl

People raise guinea fowl for some reasons. This fowl is an effective means of pest control. They consume large amounts of insects without affecting the garden plants. Ticks, grasshoppers, crickets, flieas are some of their favorite diet. Besides, they can also kill and eat mice or small rats. And this is best fact, their sound is so unique. According to studies, the guinea fowl can sound an alarm whenever something unusual happens on the farm. How wonderful they are, right?

There are still more about this beautiful bird. Besides their amazing and unique ability, guinea fowl can also be raised for meat and egg production. The young guineas meat is tender, lean, and rich in essential amino acids. Now it’s about eggs.

Guinea fowl is a large bird that is natively found inhabiting a variety of habitats across the African continent

The guinea eggs can be eaten just like the general chicken eggs. The taste is regarded as virtually identical to chicken egg. So, can you eat guinea fowl eggs? Of course you can! You can cook and eat the eggs the same way that the chicken eggs can be used. Just cook them like chicken eggs, but remember that the guinea fowl shell are much tougher than the chicken eggs.

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Guinea Fowl Eggs Compared To Chicken

As fowl breeder, you must know that the egg fresh from the farm of your backyard dwelling chicken flock are higher in nutrients then the store bought eggs. But talking about the nutrient content, it actually depends of what kind of egg you are eating.

Do you know that the guinea fowl eggs have more than twice the protein as same sized chicken egg? The guinea eggs, while smaller than the chicken eggs, are actually much higher in protein. Yes, it’s true. This is result of guinea fowl eggs compared to chicken according to muranochickenfarm.com:
















What Do Guinea Fowl Eggs Look Like?

The appearance of guinea fowl eggs with creamy color.

Chicken eggs are indeed the most easily available in the market. Besides, no matter how many we eat, we never seem to get sick of their wholesome taste. Then, how about guinea fowl eggs? Can guinea fowl eggs be eaten? Of course, they can.

Chicken eggs fact:

– Chicken egg colors and sizes depend on the breed of chicken that has laid them.
– They are comprised of a yellow yolk and a white ‘albumen’.
– They have great source of protein.
– Also, they are a versatile ingredient.

Guinea eggs fact:

– Guinea eggs are creamy color with light brown spots. The small end are more pointed than the chicken egg.
– They have higher yolk to white ration than general chicken egg.
– They are smaller but the shell is much harder than chicken eggs.
– The taste is regarded as virtually identical to chicken eggs but richer in protein.

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However, if we compare the price between guinea fowl eggs and the general chicken eggs, the winner is the guinea eggs. The average amount of chicken eggs laid yearly are 265 while the guineas only 100.

What Do Guinea Fowl Eggs Look Like?

Guinea eggs color are creamy with light brown spots. They have higher yolk to white ration than general chicken egg. If we compare to the chicken eggs, the guinea eggs are smaller but the shell is much thicker.

How Long Do Guinea Fowl Eggs Take To Hatch?

The guineas usually start laying in March or April and may continue to lay until October. A carefully manage hens can lay about 100 or more eggs per year. It is take about 26 until 28 days for guinea fowl eggs to hatch. It is similar with the incubation period for turkeys. But do you know that the guinea hens do not always make good mothers?

Then, what should you do?

In this case, you can use broody chicken to hatch the guinea eggs. they typical bantam chicken hens can sit on 12 to 15 guinea eggs, while the bigger chicken hen can sit on 20 up to 28 guinea eggs. The chicken hens tend to be much better mothers and big chicken can brood up to 25 guinea chicks, or usually called keets. If you have no broody chicken to hatch the guinea eggs, you can use incubator machine. Their eggs are smaller but have thicker shells than the chicken eggs. as a result, it is quite difficult to candle the eggs until 10 days of incubation. Otherwise, you can incubate the guinea eggs in similar way with the chicken eggs.

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Where To Buy Guinea Fowl Eggs?

We are jualayamhias.com also provide guinea fowl eggs for sale. However, we are sorry we cannot ship birds or eggs to overseas. We can only send them in Indonesia, not overseas.

How much do guinea fowl eggs cost?

Many people are looking for guinea fowl eggs for sale but difficult to find where to get them.  If you are about to hatch guinea fowl eggs, make sure that you have the egg incubator ready when your eggs arrive. Egg candlers, brooder, chick founts and chick feeders should also be prepared for your keets at hatch time.

Here are the price of 1 guinea fowl egg based on their type:

Pearl Guinea Egg = Rp35.000

Pied Guinea Egg = Rp65.000

Silver Guinea Egg = Rp70.000

White Guinea Egg = Rp75.000

For more information about the guinea fowl types, please open guinea fowl for sale. You will find the different price of our guineas based on the type. Though we cannot ship the fowl to overseas, at least the information can be useful for you to know information about this bird.

If you have a question just feel free leave the comment in the leave a reply form below

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