Guinea Fowl For Sale In From The Eggs To Adult Ready To Be Raised

Guinea fowl for sale – Are you looking for guinea fowl for sale? Or are you only looking for information about guinea fowl? Well, we provide guinea fowl for sale, start from the eggs to the adults that you can keep as animal pet. Even if you are not willing to order guinea fowl for sale with us, at least we can provide you some information about this beautiful birds. So, happy reading !

About Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl is the bird of the family Numididae in the order Galliformes. They are native to Africa and rank among the oldest of the gallinaceous birds.

Kingdom               : Animalia

Phylum                 : Chordata

Class                    : Aves

Order                    : Galliformes

Superfamily          : Phasianoidea

Family                  : Numididae

Most of guinea fowl species have a drak grey or blackish plumage with dense white spots. But actually, there are also some guinea species that lack the spots. Nevertheless, grey or blackish plumage guinea fowl with white spots is the most popular one among others.

This large bird can measure from 40 up to 71 cm in length, and weigh about 700 up to 1600 grams. The guinea hens weigh more than guinea cocks. The reproductive organs in the female possibly are larger than the male guinea fowl. Besides, the presence of the relatively larger egg clusters in the hens can also be the factor that contributes to the higher body weight.  

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Types of guinea fowl for sale

There are basically three types of guinea fowl: First, the helmeted. Secondly, the crested. And the last, the vulturine.

Helmeted Guinea Fowl

This species have bald heads and necks. Besides, they also have a ridge, or ‘helmet’ at the center of their head. This species can grow from 53 up to 58 cm with a rouond body and small head. Then, they weigh about 1.3kg. They have gray-black spangled body plumage with white. The wings are short and rounded, and the tail is likewise short.


Crested Guinea Fowl

Crested guinea fowl are the most aggressive of all guineas types. So, don’t consider this fowl as ‘pets’. They have bald head and necks except for the curly feathers on the top of their head. Moreover, crested guinea fowl are dark in color, often with a chocolate brown tint, and have white spots throughout.


Vulturine Guinea Fowl

The last types of guinea fowl is vulturine guinea. This is the largest guinea fowl which have bald heads, and resembles that of a vulture. Besides, they also have longer feathers down their lower necks. Their appearance is very striking because they are accented with blue. Then, they can become quite tame of hand raised. They are quite social and need to be kept in large groups.


However, if we consider from the color, this bird is divided into several types. Here are they:

1. Pearl Guinea

The pearl guinea fowl has natural, original color which is dark gray color with white spots. This is the most common and popular guinea fowl with the flight behavior and tick eating habits. Besides, they are also great birds for those who are looking for a guard bird.

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2. Silver Guinea (or Lavender Guinea)

This type is similar to pearl but lighter in color. They look brilliant in full sun and very beautiful indeed. Besides, they are very good to be kept as pest controller and something beautiful to look at. The beautiful lavender guinea fowl is a beautiful icy grey colored bird with a bluish hint to it with white spots pearling.


3. White Guinea

The whit guinea fowl is amazing color variety. Both genders have a solid pure white color but no pearling or white spots. Though they are white, but they are not albino. They have black hair feathers located on their lower necks and hackles. Moreover, they also have orange shanks and toes.


4. Violet Guinea

The violet guinea fowl is a rusty red color with a white belly and wings. When fully grown, this bird will be dusty black with a purple sheen throghout.  On a couldy day or in the shade, they look very purple.

5. Pied Guinea

Pied or sometimes people also call splash guinea is the species that have some white feathers. This is the result when the white birds are bred with another color pattern.


Are you looking for guinea fowl for sale?

Included as ornamental fowl, this bird is also quite popular to raise. Many people are interested to keep guinea fowl as this bird has attractive body shape and stunning feather color. One best characteristic of this bird is its feathers which are decorated with pearl-like spots. Its unique sound is also another interesting character of guinea fowl. Check the video below:

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Since  this bird  is a type of ornamental fowl, so no wonder the price of guinea fowl for sale is quite high. But the price does vary depending to the types, ages, and the availability. In addition, region also play a role in determining the price. For example the price of French guinea fowl for sale is different with the Indonesian guinea fowl for sale.

Here are the price of several types of guinea fowl in our farm:

Pearl Guinea Fowl For Sale

1 Month               Rp100.000/bird

2 Months              Rp125.000/bird

3 Months              Rp150.000/bird

4 Months              Rp200.000/bird

5 Months              Rp250.000/bird

Adult                    RP300.000/bird

Silver Guinea Fowl For Sale

1 Month               Rp200.000/bird

2 Months              Rp250.000/bird

3 Months              Rp350.000/bird

4 Months              Rp400.000/bird

5 Months              Rp450.000/bird

Adult                    Rp500.000/bird

White Guinea Fowl For Sale

1 Month               Rp200.000/bird

2 Months              Rp250.000/bird

3 Months              Rp350.000/bird

4 Months              Rp400.000/bird

5 Months              Rp450.000/bird

Adult                    Rp500.000/bird

Piead Guinea Fowl For Sale

1 Month               Rp175.000/bird

2 Months              Rp250.000/bird

3 Months              Rp325.000/bird

4 Months              Rp400.000/bird

5 Months              Rp425.000/bird

Adult                     Rp475.000/bird

Besides providing guinea fowl for sale, we also provide guinea fowl eggs.

Here is the detail price:

Pearl Guinea Fowl’s Egg                    Rp35.000/egg

Silver Guinea Fowl’s Egg                   Rp70.000/egg

White Guinea Fowl’s Egg                   Rp70.000/egg

Pied Guinea Fowl’s Egg                     Rp65.000/egg

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  1. Hello ,this is Naava from Kampala Uganda, how can I reach you ok for proper communication. because I too would like to buy the guinea fowls or their eggs,especially those breeds that we don’t have in Uganda.

    • Hello Sir. First of all, we do apologize we can’t send guinea fowl to Uganda, both the chickens or their eggs. Our government tightens regulations and prohibits sending live animals overseas. And for the eggs, we cannot ship to Uganda because of the risk of the eggs breaking when it’s on the way.

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