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Guinea Fowl Sounds As The Alarm Call That Make Excellent ‘Watchdogs”


Guinea Fowl Sounds As The Alarm Call That Make Excellent ‘Watchdogs”

Guinea fowl sounds – It is lucky for farmers and gardeners who count on guinea fowl to keep their vegetables and plants. When the guineas hear or feel something unusual happens, they will make a unique alarm sounds. The
guinea fowl alarm call usually sounds very load when the unknown visitors approach their territory.

The Utility Of Guinea Fowl Sounds

Known as one of the ornamental bird, guinea fowl seems not to be the most attractive poultry. However, apart from their looks these birds really have more ability than the other beautiful birds have.

For someone who just sees guinea for the first time will possibly ask, ‘What is that – a turkey?”. Similar with turkey, the guineas are also Galliformes (a group that encomapasses all chicken-like birds). Now, try to ask those who keep guineas fowl why they have.

Farmers keep chicken or turkey to ward off poultry-eating predators. But do you know that guinea fowl also do the same, even more? The guinea fowl have unique personalities and skill that make them excellent house pets. They are also useful addition to your farm.

According to wideopenpets, guinea are free from diseases that plague other poultry. Besides, they can also protect other farm animals, and provide manure that can be be used as compost. Even, they also cut down on the need for pesticides, as they rid their area of bugs and other pests. And the best of all, they can do all of this without damaging farms and gardens like the chickens do mostly.

Guinea Fowls Make Excellent ‘Watchdogs’

The guinea fowl are indeed noisy, but that noise works as the alarm call which make them excellent ‘watchdogs’. Actually, not only gardeners or farmers who are lucky in this case, but those who have a flock of guinea fowl will also feel the benefits of keeping this bird.

If you keep a flock of guinea fowl, you will be alerted to the arrival of any stranger. Moreover, they are also fearless which means not afraid to take on dogs, snakes, cats, even people. according to studies, this birds are able to distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar faces, and alert them appropriately.

Why people choose guinea fowl?

Guinea fowl are very hardy, vigorous and largely disease-free birds. They are quite popular among the keepers of small and backyard flocks. They are currently available not only in their native, Africa, but also throughout the world.

People prefer this bird for many reasons, especially their ability las ‘watchdogs’. The guineas sound an alarm whenever anyting unusuall happens in the farm. Here are some of their great abilities :

1.Discourage the rodents from invading the area

2.As the effective means of pest control.

3.Able to kill and eat mice and small rats.

4.Control insects withouth affecting vegetables and plants.

5.Control wood ticks and insects such as crickets, flies, and grasshoppers.

How is the noise of guinea scream?

We all know that they are so noisy. We all know that they are so noisy. The guinea fowl scream are so loud that your neighbors might not appreciate your new flock. 

See how they sound in the video below:

When you are trying to tell the guinea fowl apart, you recognize the male guinea from the female guinea by the noise they make.  But we guess that it is only the expert one who can determine the male guinea and the female guinea fowl sounds .

So, are you interested to keep guinea fowl?

Now you know that the guinea fowl is an alternative one if you are looking for a natural form of tick and pest control.  In addition to their great ability to keep your garden, they are also low-maintenance birds.

Guinea fowl are suitable to be kept in rural area. If you live in the urban area, it is possibly quite hard to keep the guinea fowl. Why? Because they are so noisy, so you are likely get complaints from your neighbors.  If keeping this bird in urban area is a must for you in order to protect your garden, so you need to make sure that your neighbors allow you to keep them.

Guinea Fowl
Guinea Fowl

Although the guinea fowl have an alarm call that make them excellent ‘watchdogs’, they are also easy picking for predator. This is why you need to provide a safe and secure coop for them. The easiest task is to get them into the coop at night.  If you let your guinea flocks free-ranged, then you should be ready to losing some members through predators.

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