Lavender Guinea Fowl : A Bird That Is Not Only Beautiful To Look At, But Also Can Be Kept As Pest Controller

Lavender guinea fowl – The slightly lighter shade of blue makes lavender guinea fowl looks like the pearl guinea, but they are little bit less gray than the pearl guinea. This is one of the popular guinea breeding throughout North America, while actually the domesticated guinea originated from Africa. See more about lavender guinea fowl in this article!

What is Guinea Fowl?

If we talk about ornamental chicken, there are lot of beautiful  birds or chickens which you can keep at home as house pets. Some people always different purpose by keeping them. It can be for hobby, for attraction, even consumption. If you see a bird as ‘a home ornament’, you can choose the bird with good looking appearance. For example: peacock.

However, if you need more than just ‘ornamental birds’, you may need to know more guinea fowl. Not only can be used as house pet, this bird is also beneficial for your homestead.  How can it be?

Well, guinea fowl is a kind of bird which is native to Africa.

What is Lavender Guinea Fowl?

Lavender guinea fowl can be a great option if you are looking for a pest controller and something beautiful to see. They have beautiful icy grey color with a bluish hint to it with polkadot pearling. This guinea breed is similarly colored to the Pearl Guinea fowl, but are a slightly lighter shade of blue and less gray than it. Just imagine how beautiful their color.

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Lavender guinea fowl is not a pure breed. In the early 1500s, the Spanish brought guinea fowl to the United States. Then, in the 1900s many new colors were developed. Lavender guinea fowl was one of them which still exists until now. From various kind of guinea fowl colors, this breed is one of the most beautiful guineas. The color is light grey, or lavender with distinct pearl markings. Besides, their shanks and toes are light gray to orange in color. Really beautiful, isn’t it?

Lavender Guinea Fowl Temperament

Similar with the other types of guinea fowl, this guinea are alret and flighty. They can do well in large housing or free range due to their behaviour.  They are also quiet noisy, just like the common guinea fowl sounds. This is why the guinea fowl is believed by most farmers and gardeners to be animal safeguards.

Their sounds can prevent the uninvited animals entering your homestead. This is because of their alert behavior and vocal nature. Lavender guinea fowl can be effective at warding off rats, hawks, foxes, even snakes with their loud sounds.

Moreover, they can also get along with other flock members or livestocks. Lavender guinea fowl can do best in groups of their own kind. However, if you keep them with chickens, you need to train your guineas first. The male guinea fowl will usually bully the male chickens. This is why you need to keep an eye to them if your guineas are not used to living with chickens yet.

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Lavender Guinea Fowl Production

Lavender guinea fowl can live harmony in a flock

Lavender guinea hens are seasonal layers. Approximately, they can lay 60 – 100 eggs each season. Similar with guinea fowl eggs in general, the eggs are tough and ovoid in shape. They can go broody but they are not really good mother. For a kind of bird that is excellent at fighting off predators, lavender guinea fowl are terrible at raising their younng keets (guinea fowl baby). This is why if you are raising them, you need to gather the fertile eggs and use a reliable broody hens or even incubate the eggs.

More information :

How Is The Lavender Guinea Keets?

When is being hatched, the lavender keets are a light blue with dark blue stripes and markings. And the belly is light blue. Then, the head markings are a broad dark blue stripe down the center of the head with two narrow dark blue stripes on each side of it, with narrow tan stripes between the dark blue stripes.

They have orange beak, legs, and toes. Similar with all guinea keets, the lavender guinea keets are very cute and innocent. When they are fully grown, lavender guinea fowl are light blue with white dots. They are beautiful to look at.

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What Are The The Lavender Guinea Fowl Diets?

Like all guineas, the diet is not different with the general guinea fowl. It consists of a variety of animal and plant food such ass seeds, grains,  spiders, snails, worms, and many kinds of insects. Moreover, guinea fowl is particularly well-suited to consuming massive quantities of ticks that is dangerous for humans health. Not only that, guinea fowl are also very popular for bug control. According to eastcountyzoo, the diet of the adult guineas consists of 90% bugs and weed seeds. Unlike chicken that can scratch up the plants, the lavender guinea fowl will not. Of course, it makes them very useful and extremely easy to raise.

So, are you ready to keep lavender guinea fowl? Not only able to keepyour garden, they are also beautiful to see.

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