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Peacock Bird Fever! An Elegant Species Of Bird That Is Most Widely Recognized For Its Super Beautiful Tail Feathers

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Peacock bird –  The iridescent of shiny blue, green, brown, gold are best to describe peacock bird overall though actually their colors are much vary. Peacock is a really elegant bird most recognized by humans for its beautiful radiant feathers. Its beauty has many different meanings and symbols across many different religions around the world. Integrity, truth, honor, glory, royalty are just some. So, what words are really suitable to convey this? God is so perfect that He creates such beautiful creature.

What Is Peacock Bird?

Peacock bird is a kind of bird native to Asian forests which is very popular with their tail feathers. The most fabulous moment is when the birds are showing their tail feathers like a blooming flower. The two most recognizable species of peacock bird are the blue (Indian peafowl) and the green (Javanese peafowl).

The term peacock  only refers to the male of the species best known for his head crest and stunning tail feathers (train). Meanwhile, the female is called peahen.

Male and female species are physically different. Unlike peacock, the female species has shorter tails which camouflage and help them fly more easily than the male. The peacock bird usually unfold their train in order to impress females when mating season.

Although the peahens may not as beautiful as peacock birds, they do have one great advantage in their flying ability. Since they don’t have long and voluminous tail feathers to weigh them down like the male species, they have better flying ability than peacock bird.

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Peacock Information

Male and female peacocks have different colors
Male and female peacocks

Nobody can deny the beauty of peacock. The most attractive feature of this bird is on the feathers, especially when they are displaying the tail feathers. However, this is not the only thing that represent this bird. There are still many peacock facts that you probably don’t know yet. The following are some information about peacock.

1.The peacock term

Peacock refers to the mal bird, while peahen is the female. Together they are known as peafowl. Then the babies of peafowl are called peachicks.

2.The species

There are three prominent species of peafowl: Indian peafowl, Green peafowl, and Congo peafowl. All three species are native to Asia but today you can also find them in Africa and certain areas of Australia. If you search for the color types, there are more vary such as cameo peacock, white peacock, bronze peacock, pied peacock, etc.

3.Peacock habitat

Peacock bird are ground-dwelling which prefers to reside in farmlands, forests, and warm regions. They love to live in the areas that provide them easy access to plants and low trees.

4.What peacock bird eats?

Peacock is omnivorous bird. Grains are the most common food. But they mainly eat plants, fruits, seeds, ants, insects, locust, bread, and other scraps in the forests or gardens. Besides, peacock feed almost any kind of item. They also eat small reptiles such as young cobra snakes, amphibians, flies, etc.

5.Peacock bird tails

The tail of peacock bird makes 60% of the entire length of the bird. It is so colorful, beautiful, and attractive. The color of peacock’s tail can vary every time you look on from the different angle.

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6.Can a peacock bird fly?

Flying peacock
Flying peacock

In spite of the large size, peacock bird can actually fly. In fact, they are one of the largest and heaviest flying birds in the world. Peacock primarily fly to escape from predators or for their nigh roost. However, they cannot stay in the air for extended periods of time due to its weight.

7.Do peacock runs?

Peacock bird is a fast runners. They can move at an excellent speed of about 16km per hours. In addition to running, they can also fly pretty fast at a speed of 10 mph

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8.Peacock’s sound

Peacock is one of the loudest bird and able to make screeching sounds. Peafowls can produce 11 different calls. They like to call out in the early morning like chicken, and also late evenings as means of communicating to others. Besides, some studies show that peacock calls during mating season to attract the peahen.

9.What is the secret behind the beautiful feathers of peacock?

Peacock feathers possess microscopic ‘crystal-like structures’ that tend to reflect various wavelengths of lights. These tiny crystal-resembling structures are the ones that causes fluorescent colors

10.Facts about peacock feathers

Peacock colors
Peacock feathers

If you want to get peacocks’ exquisite feathers, you don’t need to kill them. Peacocks shed their adorable tail feathers annually soon after the breeding season ends. At this moment, you can gather their feathers without hurting them.

11.How a peacock does to attract the peahen?

In a courtship ritual, a peacock usually displays their shiny and flashy tail feathers to attract the female. When the tail feathers are open, they would like to boast its feathers with unique colored eye spots. Then, they will perform dancing to impress them. Some studies shows that peahens will choose peacocks considering the size, color, and quality of their trains.

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12.Peacock as Indian National Bird

Do you know that peacock is the National Bird of India? In 1963, peacock bird was declared the National Bird of India due to its rich religious and legendary involvement in Indian traditions. It is a symbol of grace, joy, beauty, and also love.

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13.Peacock bird religious meaning

Many religions consider this bird to be sacred, a good sign and omen. Touted for its beauty, peacock bird has many different meanings and symbolic associations across many different religions around the world.

Peacock bird is a unique creature. Even though they are classified into 3 species, but the peacock colors are vary. From 3 species of peacock, Green peacock is the most endangered species that they are now protected by the Government. Over hunting and the loss of habitat are the main reason for this scarcity. This is our responsibility to keep all of the species safe and protect them. Peacock bird is a very special and beautiful animal, most favorite captive bird, well suited for parks, zoos, and many other domestic situations.

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