Peacock Colors : The God’s Creation That Is So Charming That Makes You Definitely Blown Away!

Peacock colors – peacocks are so popular with the beauty of its feathers colors, especially when the peacock is spreading his tail feathers. It looks like a blooming flower which is so beautiful.

In fact, peacock colors keep a physics theory secret which make the colors of peacock bird are vary. Don’t be puzzled. We are not going to talk about any theory. We are talking about peacock colors, the God’s creation that is so charming that makes you definitely blown away!

The Incredible Peacock Colors

Peacock deserves to be called as one of the most beautiful bird in the earth. This is an amazing specimen of nature, showing of the myriad colors and designs that only God’s hands can create. The colours of a peacock feather have been a source of aethetic and scientific admiration for thousands of years.

The study shows that unlike most birds, peacock birds don’t derive their colors purely from pigments. It is from a combination of pigments and photonic crystals which causes the feathers to reflect different wavelengths of light.

As a result, the peacock colour shades commonly found in a peacock’s tail feathers are the iridescent shades of blue, green, brown, and also yellow.

Peacock colors peacock colors Jual Ayam Hias BERKUALITAS DAN TERPERCAYA SEJAK 1999 peacock colors Peacock Colors : The God’s Creation That Is So Charming That Makes You Definitely Blown Away!
Peacock colors

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What Are Peacock Colors?

People usually used the term peacock to refer both males and females bird. But the fact is, peacock actually refers to the male bird. Meanwhile, the female bird of peafowl is peahen Then, the collective term for these birds is peafowl.

Do you know that only peacock (male bird) that has long tail feathers called trains? That’s right. Peahen have common tail but not as long and beautiful as the peacock.

And the main colours of a peacock are iridescent blue and shades of green. So, blue and green are the most dominant peacock colors but remember that each type of peacock has different dominant color.

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Iridescent Blue

Iridescent blue is the most dominant color of Indian peacock, mostly in the head and the nect. This coloring is what distinguishes it from the green peacock. However, both species also possess an eye spot on their tail feathers with this same rich blue.

Shades of Green

Unlike the Indian peacock, green is the most dominant color on the head and neck of the Java green peacock. When the light hits the color structure, the wavelengths which are reflected back are the green portion of the spectrum.

Blue and green are the dominant peacock colors. However, there are some other species of peafowl which has different colors like the Buford Bronze.

It has vary shades of brown and copper on the bodies and tails. This mutation is rare and formed by selectively breeding peafowl.

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Moreover, there are also other colors caused by the partial absence of pigments happened to the white peacock. This condition is known as leucism.

Buford Bronze Peacock
Buford Bronze Peacock

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White peacock
White Peacock


How Many Colors Does A Peacock Have?

Even though peafowl is widely spread around the world in various colors and sizes, but it is classified into 3 species: Indian, Green and Congo. They are distinguished by their color and size. So, the number of peacock colors depens on their types.

1.Indian Peacock (Pavo Cristatus)

Indian Peacock
Indian Peacock

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This is the most recognizable peacock species which is native to India, Sri Lanka and other part of East Asia. The Indian peacock has really beautiful iridescent blue-green feathers.

They have bright, chest, neck, and head, with green and gold feathers that appear to change the colors. The color changing happens depending on how light hits them. Besides, a blue peacock has bright colored tail feathers which are eye-shaped dots that you can see when they spread its tail like a blooming flower.

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2.Green Peacock (Pavo Muticus)

Green Peacock
Green Peacock

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Also known as Javanese peacock, Green peacock is native to Indonesia Island of Java in Southeast Asia. Similar with Blue peacock, Green peacock have large, brightly colored tail feathers and use the feathers in courting rituals.

The Green peacock’s head and crests are deep green color, making it distinguishable from Indian peacocks which has blue color on that parts.

They also have iridescent metallic green color feathers with scaly appearance on its  neck, breast, and mantle. Their emerald green tail feahers have a series of eye-shape dots which are so beautiful.

3.Congo Peacock (Afropavo Congensis)

Congo PeacockSource:
Congo Peacock

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All peacocks are the members of pheasant family, but Congo is most similar to pheasants. This peacock is native to Africa that more resembles typical pheasants than their flashy peacock brethren.

This bird is the smalest between the Blue and Green peacocks. Besides, they also don’t have impressive tail feathers. They are mainly blue and green with a short rounded tail.

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What Is The Function Of Peacock Colors?

Do you know that peacock colors have many functions? The main function of the beautiful and colorful peacock’s feathers is to attract the peahen when the mating season comes.

When a peacock is spreading its tail feathers, you will see that every branch carries a series of brightly colored eye spots. In order to attract a mate, a peacock will fan out their feathers as a part of courtship ritual. The feathers will be played as if dancing.

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Not only to attract the peafowl, the peacock colors on its feathers also used to fool the predators. When threatened, they will fan their tail feathers out in order to look larger and intimidating.

When the peacock expand their tail feathers will show dots like dozen of eyeballs. It automatically will frighten the predators as if they are facing dozens of pairs of animal eyes.

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