Peacock Flying : Find The Facts Of The Peacock Flying, The Most Gorgeous Bird In The World!

Peacock flying –  When you see a peacock flying, you will be so surprised that won’t be able to wink! Peacock has a fascinating secret, especially their flying ability. Just imagine seeing the extravagant tail feathers of peacock while flying in the sky. What are you thinking at that time?

Beautiful Flying Peacock Peacock Flying Koleksi Ayam Hias Terlengkap Peacock Flying Peacock Flying : Find The Facts Of The Peacock Flying, The Most Gorgeous Bird In The World!
Beautiful Flying Peacock

Well, from all the birds in the world, peacock bird is one of the most beautiful birds in the world with most beautiful feathers. Who doesn’t know this kind of bird? The beauty of peacock’s tail feathers (train) has been acknowledged as a very beautiful feature of bird. Peacock is actually a term to refer the male bird while for the female it should be peahen. Then, they are together are called peafowl. Moreover, they both are very easy to distinguish. You can see the differences only from their physical appearance.

So, are male and female peafowl different?

The tails of male and female peacock Peacock Flying Koleksi Ayam Hias Terlengkap Peacock Flying Peacock Flying : Find The Facts Of The Peacock Flying, The Most Gorgeous Bird In The World!
Female Peafowl (right) and Male Peafowl (left)

Yes, they are. People usually misunderstand to spell the name of peacock. They refer this name for all gender (male and female). Sometimes, they only use the term male peacock and female peacock to differentiate them. The fact is that peacock is for male, while peahen is for female. And both are totally different, even you can see their physical differences.

If you are talking about a bird with beautiful long, shiny, and beautiful tail feathers with dozens of eye dots, so you are talking about PEACOCK. Why? Yes, because peacock is the only one that have such tail called train while the females don’t have any.

The female peafowls have tail but not as long and attractive as the males. This is the most significance physical difference between peacock and peahen. Even though the peahen appearance is not as incredible as the peacock, but peafowl is still a great God’s creature.  And both male and female, with different tails feature also have different effects. For example: the flying ability.

Is peacock flying bird?

Peafowl is classified into three species. From those three, only Indian peafowl that people are familiar with. The peacock is very famous with their feather trains and vibrant blue also green feathers. The second is Green peafowl. From the appearance, Green peafowl looks little bit similar with Indian peafowl. The difference is in the color in which the Green peafowl has green and gold feathers, and black wings with a sheen of blue. The last one is Congo peafowl. This is the most different among others. You can see the different peacock colors among Indian peacock, Green peacock, and Congo peacock as follow:


Indian peacock
Indian Peacock
Green Peacock
Green Peacock


Congo peacock
Congo Peacock


According to National Geographic, peacock is one of the largest flying birds if the length of its train and wingspan are counted. The train can grow around 150 cm or 60% of a peacock’s body, while the wingspan is about 140cm – 160cm. Moreover, they can also flying. So, have you ever peacock flying in the sky? That is a very BIG WOW when seeing such beautiful creature flying around though it is not high.

However, the flying ability between peacock and peahen are different. Do you know why? Just imagine running while wearing a dress with a long train. The heavier weight will affect the way you walk. Right? This is similar with the peacock which have long tail feathers. It will affect the way a peacock fly due to the weight of their trains.

Are peacock flying high?

Peacock Flying Copy Peacock Flying Koleksi Ayam Hias Terlengkap Peacock Flying Peacock Flying : Find The Facts Of The Peacock Flying, The Most Gorgeous Bird In The World!
Peacock Flying

From the appearance, the peacock is more beautiful than the peahen. But it doesn’t mean the peahen is not beautiful. The female birds still have the beauty side in their own way. Even though the peahens may not be as wonderful as peacocks, they do have great advantages over the males. This is what we are talking previously: the flying ability.

Peacock flying ability is not as good as the peahens. Why? Because the peahen don’t have long and voluminous tails to weigh them down, they can fly better than peacock. As a result, they will be able to escape from the predators much more easily than the peacock.

Nevertheless, peacock do fly. But they cannot fly for high and long distances. A peacock’s tail feathers can reach up to 6 feet long and make up about 60% of its body length. Even though the peacock flying ability is not as good as the peahen, but peacock still have self-defense ability using their fabulous tail feathers.

Being so brightly colored, peacock have several adaptations to help them avoid predators. Unlike the peahen, when peacock are treated or senses danger, they will spread out their feathers to look bigger and more threatening. The dozens of eye spots in their feathers  scare the predators as they are seeing dozens of eyes.

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