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Pheasant Food : Knowing What To Feed A Pheasant To Raising A Healthy, Strong, And High Quality Bird


Pheasant Food : Knowing What To Feed A Pheasant To Raising A Healthy, Strong, And High Quality Bird

Pheasant food – What you are giving to your pheasant will effect on their health. Making sure that you are providing your birds with the correct protein percentage to raise the highest quality pheasants.  Even though they can forage by themselves, it is important to keep giving them the correct protein content. Besides, the abundant supply of fresh water is also as important thing you should care of.

Description Of Pheasants

Ringneck Pheasant
Ringneck Pheasant

Pheasants are large, long-tailed game birds which belong to the same family as partdges and quails. The males are usually more beautiful than the females with more colorful and longer tails. On the other side, the females are paler and smaller than the males with shorter tails.

Generally, pheasants can be seen in the open countryside near cover such as woodlands edges, copses, farmland, scrub, and wetlands.  Moreover, they can also fly but only for short distances. When they are threatened, they would likely prefer to run across the ground. More detail information can be seen at this site: pheasant facts.

In addition, pheasants are ground feeders and eat fruit, seeds, insects, grains, small lizards or snakes, even small mammals. At night, the roost in sheltered trees to avoid the predators such as  wild cats, dogs, hawks, foxes, and other wild animals.

Pheasant Diet

Most pheasants are omnivores. It means that they eat both plants and also animals. However, each species has slightly different diet variety. Some species eat mostly seeds and fruits. Meanwhile, the others feed more heavily on insects and invertebrates.

Pheasants often peck the ground searching for food. They eat everything they find that they think is safe to eat such as grains, seeds, berries, etc.

Berries, seeds, nuts, roots, grains, bulbs, fruits, shoots, and more are a few of different plant parts that the pheasant will eat. Moreover, they also hunt for many different types of insects and invertebrates. For example: grasshoppers, worms, spiders, snails, larvae, caterpillars, insect, etc.

Some pheasants like to eat insects or small vertebrates

If you are keeping pheasant in your backyard, you need to provide pheasant food with correct protein content. Besides, don’t forget to provide an abundant supply of fresh water for them.

The Nutritional Requirements Of Pheasants

Pheasants can actually forage by themselves. However, you need to provide additional nutrition when you are keeping this bird.

According to NSW Government “Department Of Primary Industries”, the nutritional requirements of pheasants are similar to turkeys.  Thus, if you are unable to obtain feed formulated specifically for your pheasants, you can use the turkey crumbles.

It’s true that in the wild, pheasants are able to forage by themselves – looking for grains, insects, worms, seeds, berries, and anything they peck at. Nevertheless, it’s so much better if you provide a set protein content for them.

If you cannot find pheasant food or any other game bird feed in you area, turkey feed is the next best thing for keeping your pheasants on a healthy diet.  

Note: Different types of pheasants will probably have different nutritional requirements.

What Is The Best Pheasant Food?

Soft voer/concentrate is good for pheasant chicks

Pheasant food critical. Feeding a high quality feed is importnt to raising a health and strong bird. Unlike chickens and some other egg-laying fowls, pheasants require a lot of protein.

Here is a few tips for you:

  • You can use pre-starter feed with 29% protein for the chicks age 0 up to 3 weeks.
  • From 3 to 7 weeks, use starter feed with 26% protein.
  • From 7 to 24 weeks, use grower feed with 20% protein content.
  • And the past 24 weeks you can use maintenance food with a 14% protein content.
The texture of this voer is bigger which is suitable for adult pheasants. Don’t feed pheasants chicks voer with this size.

When feeding wild pheasants, you will be working at supplementing their current diets.  You can plant different bushes and also garden plants which will let your pheasants to naturally obtain their food. For example: corns, partridge peas, soybeans, oats, wheat, rye, millets, berries, cow peas, and other plants within pheasants’s natural diet.  On the other side, you can also feed them from game bird feeders and supply game bird food.

Pay attention to your pheasant nutritional requirements. Provide them with additional protein content will give good effect to your birds, especially for their health and quality

Where To Buy Pheasant Food?

The poultry food is composed of a number of nutrients which are very important to the bird’s health, maintenance and also the production of eggs and feathers. The sixt main nutrients of pheasant feed ingredients are protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

Pheasant food can be found easily in poultry shop in your area. Don’t forget to provide your pheasants with correct protein percentage so that it can raise the highest quality pheasants. You can shop around and find a game-bird feed. If you are unable to find it, you can use a turkey ration. 


Because the nutritional requirements of pheasants can be similar to turkeys.

Not only in poultry shop, you can also find pheasant food from online store. There are many variations that you can find there. The price also varies depending on the type and brand.

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