Pheasant For Sale : How Much Pheasant For Sale In Indonesia?

Pheasant for sale – Pheasant is quite popular because of its physical resemblance to the birds. Although pheasant for sale is relatively higher, it doesn’t influence the ornamental chicken lovers’ enthusiasm for raising them. What makes them glimpsed is their beatiful color and charming fur.  And keep in mind that there are various species of pheasant throughout the world. So, their colors also vary.

In Indonesia, pheasant for sale is quite expensive due to their rare existence. As we mention previously, pheasant generally have a variety of types that can be distinguish in the terms of color, body shape or body posture. There are Golden Pheasant, Yellow Pheasant, Reeves’s Pheasant, Red Pheasant, Silver Pheasant, Ringneck Pheasant, Lady Amherst’s  Pheasant, and many others.  Then, how much is pheasant for sale in Indonesia?

Golden Pheasant
Golden Pheasant

Pheasant For Sale

Well, the popularity of pheasant makes Indonesian poultry breeder also interested to keep and raise them. For them, the pheasant chicken breeding is still a tempting opportunity in the business of ornamental chicken livestock, though sometimes it is also challenging. Start from the easy to maintain such as Ringneck pheasant until Lady Amherst’s pheasant which needs special knowledge in breeding it. And when you are going to keep this birds, you need to learn how to raise pheasants first.

Pheasants are the common names of the Phasianidae ordo Galliformes family. Beautiful, unique, and attractive are all about this birds.

Next we will explain in more detail about the types of pheasant for sale in our livestock along with their prices:

1.Golden Pheasant For Sale

There are many species
of pheasants which some
are very popular as pets,
such as Golden Pheasant.

This bird is a much sought after chicken for ornamental chicken lovers.  This pheasant types originates from the mountain forests of China and spread to the continents of Europe and America. The price of Golden Pheasant is quite expensive in Indonesia. It is still quite rare to raise this chicken though actually raising Golden Pheasant is not really difficult as long as you pay attention to the cage, feed, and maintenance.

Here is the detail price:

– Adult golden pheasant price          = Rp10.000.000,00 per pair

– Juvenile golden pheasant price      = Rp7.500.000,00 per pair

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2.Yellow Pheasant For Sale

This is a special type of pheasant which is already quite well known by ornamental chicken lovers. From the appearance, this bird looks like Golden pheasant. The typical color of Yellow Pheasant is yellow as the dominant color – bright yellow plumage. The female yellow pheasants have colors that tend to be more dull, while the males’s colors are more striking than the females. This bird is also quite popular for ornamental chicken lovers. The average price of this bird is also quite expensive, which is Rp10.000.000,00 per pair for adults.

3.Red Pheasant For Sale

This type of chicken is quite a reference for pheasant chicken hobbyists.  Red pheasant is a crossbreeding between Golden pheasant and the Lady Amherst’s pheasant. This bird is also almost similar to the type of Golden pheasant. In the terms of feed, the red pheasant is also easy. You can feed them with poor, milled corn, and brown rice. How about the price? Well, in Indonesia the Red pheasant for sale is also still have quite high price which is Rp10.000.000,00 per pair for the adults.

4. Reeves’s Pheasant For Sale

This pheasant type is popular with the longest tail in its class. Reeves’s pheasant can reach 2.4 meters long. The males have brightly plumage with a scaled golden white and red body plumage, grey legs, brown iris and bare red skin around the eye. They also have an extremely long silvery white tail barred with chestnut brown.  The females are brown with a blackish crown, a buff face and greyish brown barred tail feathers. The Reeve’s pheasant for sale is more expensive than the Golden and Yellow pheasants. The scarcity of this pheasant type is the reason. The price of Reeves’s pheasant is Rp22.000.000,00 per tail for the adults.

5.Lady Amherst’s Pheasant For Sale

This bird is originally from China and Burma. The Lady Amherst’s pheasant is one of the most beautiful pheasant types that is always glimpsed by people, especially the ornamental chicken lovers. They have the uniqueness in long tail feathers which are white and mixed with black. moreover, the fur on the back is shiny green and black. Due to their beauty, no wonder why the price of this chicken is high. In Indonesia, a pair of adult Lady Amherst’s pheasant for sale is Rp14.000.000,00.

6. Ringneck Pheasant For Sale

Ringneck pheasant originates from Asia, exactly in Japan. They have large body, long tail and long neck. The males are gaudy with green head, white collar, and coppery body plumage with black and white spots. While the female is also fairly large, long tail and long neck. The females usually are brown overall marked with black, particularly on the back and wings. One of the uniqueness of Ringneck pheasant is that they can be used as an earthquake alarm, where before it happens about 5 seconds before, this bord will continuing calling.  Here is the detail information of Ringneck pheasant price according to their age :

– 1 month Ringneck pheasant price                 = Rp1.200.000,00 per pair

– 2 months Ringneck pheasant price                = Rp1.600.000,00 per pair

– Juvenile Ringneck pheasant price                 = Rp2.300.000,00 per pair

– Adult Ringneck pheasant price                       = Rp3.300.000,00 per pair

There are still many types of pheasant for sale in Indonesia. What you have read above are only several most popular types that you are possibly interested with. The prices listed in the article above are also the reference for you if you are going to keep or raise pheasant in your homestead.  Always remember that before you buy pheasant chicken for sale, determine what kind of pheasant types you are going to raise – male pheasant, female pheasant, or both. Then, consider your environment. And one more thing, make sure that you already have knowlendge and skill of raising ornamental birds. Good luck!

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