Royal Purple Guinea Fowl : Royal Purple Guinea Fowl Description, Sounds, Coop Preparation, And Other Information

Royal Purple Guinea Fowl – This species is a cool coloration of the super popular guinea fowl. They are beautiful, charming and active.  They have some dotting or ‘pearling’ but not as prevalent as some other varieties. Nevertheless, their dark color with a purple sheen is one special characteristic of this bird that makes people fall in love.

Well, if we are talking about guinea fowl, what is in your mind right now? Some people raise guinea fowl for the meat and eggs, but others keep them as their farm ‘watch birds’. If you have tick problem, then the guinea fowl will be your first natural go-to for crowd control.

Guinea fowl is popular with their ability as pest controllers and wonderful backyard guard birds due to their loud noises. They do make a great addition to the backyard flock. So does the royal purple guinea fowl. This species can make a gret addition to the backyard flock if you are looking for ticks, bugs, or other insects.

Royal Purple Guinea Fowl Description

Royal Purple Guinea is a species of guinea fowl that has dark black in color with a purple sheen. They look so beautiful with coloration of a subtle purple sheen to the plumage. Even though they do not have the regular pearl shaped dots like the other species, but royal purple guinea fowl can hypnotize everyone with their characteristics.

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Royal purple guinea fowl has the same behavior and temperament as the other guinea species. They are flighty birds and quite noisy. Furthermore, they are also not suitable to be kept in the city or urban areas. Why? Because they need more space to free range.

How royal purple guinea fowl sounds?

If you are not guinea fowl lovers, it is normal if you are disturbed with their noise. So, everyone knows how noisy they are when vocalization. According to a life of heritage site, there are several reasons why guinea fowl make noise (Read more about guinea fowl sounds). Here are they:

  • New visitors to the property, even if they are humans.
  • The presence of dogs or other predators.
  • Becoming separated from their flocks.
  • And anything that they may feel to be strange and unusual.

Well, their voice, pecking, scratching, and wing flapping usually can scare away owls, raccoons, hawks, and other enemies which try to show up. However, the royal purple guinea fowl are quite blink at night. So, the predators can easily pick them out of their roosts as they sleep. This is why you need to provide coops for your guienas so that they are save from the predators.

So, is a coop for guinea fowl needed?

You need to protect your royal purple guinea fowl by providing a coop at night. It will prevent them from the predators

Based on the experience, we don’t say that it is obligation. But we highly recommend you to provide a guinea fowl coop if you don’t want to lose them.

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As we know that guinea fowl prefer to be wild and untamed. Then, at night they will perch on the tallest trees on your property. This is what will attract predators to prey on them.

Nevertheless, notice that guinea fowl might not come home at night by themselves. So, it is better for you to train them since they are young (See about guinea fowl baby).  Some people have tried this and have been successful at ‘training’ them. It is easier to train guineas, including royal guinea fowl when they are young keets.

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How to train royal purple guinea fowl?

You can start by letting them  out in the latter afternoon so ther is a shorter timeframe before dark. When it is time to go back to the coop, you can use two long sticks and lead them into the coop.

Besides, you can also provide food inside the coop atr night so that they will be used to look for food there. One more thing, guinea fowl like roosting in the branches. Thus, you also need to provide the perch for them to roost.

If you want to raise a super amazing and unique coloration of guinea species, the purple guinea fowl can be a great option for you!

Is it worth to keep royal purple guinea fowl as housepet?

The royal purple guinea fowl is one of the most beautiful Guinea breeds. This birds have gray background color, and is semi-pearled. They also have dark black color with a unique, iridescent purple sheen, with wing feathers lightly spotted white.

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In other words, the royal purple guinea fowl is actually dark black with a lovely purple sheen. They have no regular dotting as the other species,  but have something dotting and barring in the flank area. Of course, this is one of the beautiful thing about guinea fowl colors.

So, is this bird worth to be kept? The answer depends on your need. If you are looking for a beautiful and exotic bird which can also help you keep your environment, royal purple guinea fowl can be a good option. There are still more types of guinea fowl with beautiful colors as references: lavender guinea fowl, white guinea fowl, pearl guinea fowl, etc.

Hopefully you enjoy our article. For more information you can leave a reply below

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