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  1. Information that we write on our contents is based on our livestock expert team, livestock books, and also articles from other sources that we have summarized.

  2. All of the photos or videos on the content of our articles, we took from our photo collection, google image, free stock photos, and social media.

  3. If you or someone finds your photos or videos in the content of our articles and you feel objected to, you can contact us and we will delete the photo or video.

  4. We accept all suggestions, criticisms, and advice for the advancement of our content or articles. Feel free to contact us, either through comments on each of our posts or contact us via telephone or whatsapp at +62 812-2028-8686, +62 856-4772-3888, or email at hobiternakmail@gmail.com.
Nomor layanan pelanggan: Indosat: 0856-4772-3888 Telkomsel: 0812-2028-8686 Rekening Bank: A/N: Nunung Setyawan BRI No Rek : 203301001223539 Permata Syariah No Rek : 4121889477 Kami tidak bertanggung jawab atas: 1. Kerugian akibat pembayaran tidak resmi kepada pihak/individu yang dengan cara apapun mengatasnamakan jualayamhias.com. 2. Kerugian yang disebabkan karena kelalaian mengecek nomor resmi layanan pelanggan kami dan kecocokan nomor rekening yang diberikan dengan nomor rekening resmi kami.
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