White Guinea Fowl : A Solid Pure White Color Creature That You Can Keep At Your Homestead As Both House Pets And Exterminators

White guinea fowl – one of the most stunning color variety of guinea fowl is white. The white guinea fowl comes with spectacular solid pure white color in both genders. Thus, it makes the feathers have no pearling or white spots like the other types of guineas such as pearl guinea fowl, lavender guinea fowl, and other varieties. Read our article to find more information about this luxurious bird!

White guinea fowl
White guinea fowl

Raising guinea fowl nowadays is becoming more and more popular.  Guinea fowl is a  birds of the family Numididae  in the order Galliformes. They are endemic to Africa and have been spread widely in other countries. They are also valued as one of the best exterminators of pest insects, making them a complement to a backyard garden.

Guinea Fowl Description

Kingdom                                               : Animalia

Phylum                                                  : Chordata

Class                                                       : Aves

Order                                                     : Galliformes

Family                                                    : Numididae

Type                                                       : Bird

Diet                                                         : Omnivore

What Is White Guinea Fowl?

White Guinea Fowl Origin

White guinea fowl is one of guinea fowl variety which has stunning color. Similar with the use of guinea fowl in general, they can make wonderful pest controllers for the backyard and great guard birds. This bird has been domesticated 4,000 years ago by the Egyptians. Moreover, the Romans and Greeks domesticated this bird further and so did the Portuguese traders in the 15th century.

White guinea fowl is actually the color mutation of the normal type pearl variety. Even though they are white, but the white guinea fowl is not albino. It mostly  happens because of the combination of a few different genes. See guinea fowl colors for more information.

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White Guinea Fowl Color

Moreover, their beauty successfully make a splendid addition to your homestead. Why? Of course because of their stunning color.  Both male and female have a solid pure white color but no pearling or white spots. However, not all of their body is white. They have black hair feathers on their lower necks and hackles. Besides, they also have orange shanks and toes.

White Guinea Fowl Characteristic

The white guinea fowl has similar characteristic as the other color varieties of the guinea fowl breeding. They are noisy and also flighty. This bird can do wonderful in large coops, flight pens or free range. Moreover, guinea fowl is social animals which can live and roost in smaller or larger flocks. They are active early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Even though you can keep them free range, but it is recommended for you to prepare guinea fowl coop to keep them safe from predators.

White guinea fowl is beautiful, elegant, pure, white and great to keep your homestead safe from pests and bugs disturbance

White Guinea Fowl Eggs Production

In the wild, the guinea fowl mate in pairs. But when they are kept in the close confinement, you can put one male with six to eight females. Like other type of guinea fowl varieties, this bird is also a seasonal layer. The white guinea hens usually lay their white guinea fowl eggs best during late spring and summer.

In the contrary,  according to some guinea fowl breeders in Indonesia, the white guinea hens lay best in the rain season. In one year, they usually lay around 50 – 100 eggs. They can go broody and hatch their own keets. Unfortunately, the guinea hens are poor mothers. Even though they are able to brood and hatch their eggs, but it seems quite difficult due to their characteristics. In this case, the use of other broody hens or incubatory machine are best solution that you can do.

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More information : 

White Guinea Fowl Keets

The white guinea fowl keets (guinea fowl baby) are very active and easy to raise. Furthermore, they are already in white color since they are hatched. They are snow white with orange beak, lets, and toes. Besides, many of the keets have a small black spot on the back of their head, but not all of them have this.

Just like the general keets, after about 4 weeks of age they require very little attention. It means that they are able to take care of themselves by foraging for their food in the ground. But still, it is better for you to provide them additional food, fresh water, and branches to perch. It aims to entice them to come home every day rather than you let them free and roost up to the trees.

White Guinea Fowl Diets

You might already know that guinea fowl is very easy to maintain. They are ground-dwelling bird which spends most of their time searching food inthe ground. So do the white guinea fowl. Their diets consist of many kinds of bugs and pests. They are omnivores that eat different types of worms, insects, berries, seeds, grains, spiders, roots, and others.

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Special for the keets, you need to provide food which contains higher nutrition for their growth. Unlike the adults, it is not safe for the keets to graze in the wild.  As a result, you can give them commercial poultry diet or crumbles food for the first few months. Then, you can provide starter mix for the first 5 week. In the next 3 weeks (after eight weeks), you can start reducing the protein content gradually. 

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