Ring Necked Pheasant For Sale : Read This Information Before You Buy Ring Necked Pheasant For Sale

Ring necked pheasant for sale – Ring necked pheasant is one of the most popular birds that people are looking for. Starting from the pheasant eggs, chicks, until the mature pheasant for sale, people are always looking for the highest quality. The information we are serving there would be help you to know the good quality of ring necked pheasant for sale. 

About Ring Necked Pheasant

Ring necked pheasant is the most common type of pheasants. This is why people often call this species with ‘common pheasant’. This bird originated in Asia but now their populations have been spread to all over the world. They are usually used as game bird hunting, raising for release, raising as house pet, and also dog training.

Ringneck Pheasant
Ringneck Pheasant

Since this the native range of this species encompasses the largest continent on the earth, they have adapted to thrive as captive birds for game bird raising worldwide. Though they are known as powerful flyer, they cannot fly for long time. When disturbed at close range by humans or predators, they usually walk or run and only occasionally resort to flying.

Male ring necked pheasants have red faces and an iridescent green neck with a bold white ring. Meanwhile, the females are brown with paler scaling on the upperparts, buff or cinnamon underparts with black spotting on the sides. You may need to see more about female pheasants for detail information.

Very well-known for its beautiful and bright color, ring necked pheasant (especially the males) are usually hunted and kept as a house pet. Their magnetism has attracted people’s attention. Not only beautiful, they are also easy to maintain and take care.

How To Raise Pheasants?

If you are looking for ring necked pheasant for sale,according to some poultry experts, the easiest start is by purchasing pheasant chicks. There are several things you need to consider to raise pheasants from chicks.

Fist, the preparation. Before your chicks arrive, you should set up the brooder correctly. Brooser house for pheasants chicks should be clean, weather tight, free from drafts, and roodent proof. Don’t forget to keeps the chicks warm in a brood-reading areas with a heat lamp.

Then, pay attention to provide access to water and feed. Read about pheasant food for more information.

Pheasant pen Ring necked pheasant for sale jualayamhias.com Koleksi Ayam Hias Terlengkap Ring necked pheasant for sale Ring Necked Pheasant For Sale : Read This Information Before You Buy Ring Necked Pheasant For Sale
Letting your ring necked pheasants range outside during daytime can be good for their health

The next important thing is the pheasant pen. After the chicks are 2 or weeks old, it is a good idea to allow the chicks to range outside during the daytime. They can wait for a warm sunny day and open the brooder house door into the pen. Therefore, the pen should be covered and enclosed with one inch hole chicken wire to prevent the chicks from escaping.

North Dakota State University site mentions that each chick should have at least 20 square feet, but more space is much better. So, for 50 chicks, it means you need to prepare 1,000 square feet.

There are still many things you need to consider before raising pheasants. Learn more about pheasant facts to know some facts about this bird.

How Much Is A Ring Necked Pheasant For Sale?

Has been spread throughout the world, Ring necked pheasant for sale is available almost in every regions, and is easy to find.

Ring necked pheasant is a beautiful and gorgeous game bird which is not only exciting to hunt, but also makes one of the best mounted trophies. With speckled and also striped feathers in an array of jewel colors, this bird is a an impressive sight. Their beauty has attracted many people. Thus, there are ornamental bird lovers who are looking for ring necked pheasant for sale. How much is it?

Well, the price of ring necked pheasant for sale can be different in each regions. Ring necked pheasants for sale in California can be different with pheasant for sale in USA, in Indonesia, and others.

So, how much is a ring necked pheasant for sale?

In the USA, the price of a pheasant chick starts from $3. Meanwhile, the estimation price of pheasant prices per bird starts from Rp500.000

Types Popular Game Birds For Sale

A game bird is a bird which is hundted in the wild for sport, sometimes for food. Pheasant is one of game birds that is popular in the world wide. Even, this is one of the oldest game birds recorded in history and are populous throughout the world. In addition to pheasants, there are also many species of game birds such as grouse, partridge, snipe, woodcock, etc.

The following are several types of the most game birds for sale:

1. Ring necked pheasant

Uniknya Ringneck pheasant ini sering di jadikan pertanda apabila terjadi gempa bumi
Male pheasant is especially known for their beautiful bright colors and long tail

The most popular game birds are generally going to be ring necked pheasant. The males pheasant is popular known for their bright colors and bold plumage, while the females are much smaller with dull-colored feathers. The pheasant meat of this species is available in markets, butchers, and food stores.

2. Quail

Quail Ring necked pheasant for sale jualayamhias.com Koleksi Ayam Hias Terlengkap Ring necked pheasant for sale Ring Necked Pheasant For Sale : Read This Information Before You Buy Ring Necked Pheasant For Sale
Quail is one of the most popular game birds that is quite tame and are recommended to be kept as house pet. They are inexpensive, easy to house and care for

Quail is one of the most populous game birds in the world even though they consist of dozens of varieties. They are commonly hunted but are just as commonly farmed. Their meat and eggs are available in many markets, butchers, and also specialty food stores. Similar with other game birds, quail need to be cooked quickly and is well suited for grilling or roasting with an addition of fat to avoid drying out.

3. Chukar

Chukar Ring necked pheasant for sale jualayamhias.com Koleksi Ayam Hias Terlengkap Ring necked pheasant for sale Ring Necked Pheasant For Sale : Read This Information Before You Buy Ring Necked Pheasant For Sale
Chukar is sandy brown overall with bold, vertical black bars on the sides. It also has a dark band through the eyes wrapping around the white cheek and throat

Chukar is chickenlike game birds with a plump body, short legs, and also a small round head. Introduced from Eurasia, the sandy-brown chukar is a game bird that lives in high desert plains of western North America, Hawaii, and also New Zealand. Recently, they have become a very popular additive to hunts looking to add speed to their hunts.

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